Illegal Recruitment Avoidance Tactics

News reports abound of Indian nationals being duped by illegal recruiters promising jobs overseas and exacting exorbitant fees for employment either does not exist or sub standard conditions that lead to new forms of slavery.

The following are some of the tell tale signs that can indicate that the transaction for overseas work is an illegal recruitment scheme.

1. Travel overseas as a tourist with the intention of working abroad;

2. Utilization of “escort services” where the individual is brought to the airport and then picked up in the new home country’s airport;

3. Encouragement of submission of employment requirements through mail or courier without specifications or through fraudulent advertisements;

4. Exit through some other airport or country and then connecting a flight to the eventual country of destination;

5. Use of international events or other foreign seminars as a means to enter the country;

6. Student or Trainee visa use for residency and upon reaching the country of destination, the individual is put to work;

In order to avoid this, the following tips need to be followed to find true and gainful employment overseas through valid job placement agencies.

1. Apply only with licensed employment agencies. The full list of duly accredited overseas manning agencies can be found in your local labor office. Once verified, do verify also if the agency has specific job orders for employment in the countries where they advertise work and represent;

2. Be careful with who you deal with, especially with agents. When dealing with an individual, do verify the company they represent in order to determine if they have due authority to engage others for overseas employment. It is also important to deal with the recruitment agency at their place of work and all submissions and payments must be duly receipted and itemized;

3. The limit for payable processing fees must be equal to one month’s salary, exclusive of all documentation and processing costs. Payment for the placement fees must be made only after confirmation of a valid employment contract with a valid official receipt;

4. Do not accept a tourist visa or deal with fixers or submit payment or submission of documents to PO Boxes or other addresses aside from the place of work of the placement agency;

All these facts and information are important to discern between illegal recruiters and those valid employment representatives. If you encounter or have become a victim of illegal recruitment, do report the criminal act immediately to be able to recover your costs and prevent others from falling victim to their nefarious schemes.

Bobby Castro is the online editor at the NRI community, where he has published a number of articles about NRI discussions and many other topics.