Internet Dating Scams: Some Advice For Men

If you are a man, looking to join an Adult Dating Site, we strongly recommend you read up about the sites you are looking into, read some reviews and do some basic homework before you spend any money on them. There is a problem endemic to adult dating, which if you are not wary, could distract you from what you are supposed to be doing (ie. meeting women in real life) while emptying your wallet at the same time.

The problem is that some women are not actually signed up to these websites to meet you in real life. Rather, they are looking to meet you online so they can get you to sign up to their own website, which is a paid site requiring you to spend money to continue your asociation with them. These women are always attractive, they are always tempting, and they are always convincing.

This is a brief run down of how the scam works. You join a dating site and pay your membership fee. You see a bunch of girls you’d like to meet and contact them with an email. After a couple of days, you get a few replies. Having communicated a couple of times, these girls will then ask you to join them at their personal site so you can communicate easier.

You may be tempted to follow these instructions and visit the new site. Typically when you get there, you’ll have to create a membership at this website too. Part of this membership will include handing over your credit card details.

Your credit card will be used either to pay for another membership fee, or to pay to view the girls. There will be webcams at this site, so you’ll get to see, talk and interact with these girls online, paying all the way. Obviously the girl who introduced you to this website makes a cut on every cent you spend. Thats how she makes her money, thats why she wanted to meet you.

A month down the track you will get another charge from the original dating site, the renewal for the first one you joined. At this moment in time, you’ll realise you haven’t even been using the original site. All you’ve been doing is webcamming. You’ll also realise you haven’t met a single girl in real life.

But you have made some great online girl friends, sure its costing you a fortune to communicate with them on their webcam, but they even take their clothes off for you sometime. At this point, I want you to ask yourself if you think you’ll ever meet these girls in real life? Do you really want to be paying this money to watch someone on the screen? Is this really the reason you joined a dating site to start with?

This type of thing occurs at most dating sites, to varying degrees. It is very hard to stamp out. Adult dating sites are particularly vulnerable though given the frequency of men getting sucked in. The women who run these scams know the men at adult dating sites are easy targets. So do some research. Suss out which dating sites give you the best opportunity to meet real women who are interested in meeting you in real life. Only join the quality dating sites that do some kind of new member screening to get rid of the scammers.

Another thing you can do is recognise the purpose internet dating sites serve. They are there to put you in contact with similar minded people so you can then meet them in real life. And that is all.

Once you have paid for you membership, met a lady, what possible purpose could joining another website to meet the same lady have. You are already in contact with her. Why do you want to see her on another website. Try for her phone number instead, it will be a lot cheaper for you. (Although, as this will be less lucrative for her, be prepared to find out that she may not be interested in meeting you. Be prepared for the fact that she never was)

One last idea you can try is to only ever be a member of one dating website at a time. So no matter what happens, never join a second dating site until you have quit the one you are already a member of. This will ensure you test each website individually and remain true to online dating. Ie. You will use the site to meet women for dating. Only quit and join the next site if you are not getting acceptable results.

One point about this method though, if you have joined your third reputable dating site and still not getting a level of response that is acceptable, have a look at your profile or internet manner. This is probably the issue. Dating online is a skill which can be learned, its a skill men need to learn to be successful at dating sites. So don’t throw out the baby with the bath water if this is you, research, learn, improve and find success.

In recognising the number of scammers at adult dating sites , Jayde Johanssen recommends men research dating sites thoroughly prior to spending their money