'Irrelevant' John McDonnell TORN APART on BBC as he is told Labour is 'nowhere' on Brexit

'Irrelevant' John McDonnell TORN APART on BBC as he is told Labour is 'nowhere' on Brexit

The shadow chancellor, who has constantly criticised the Government for a lack of planning, then shamelessly suggested Labour itself needed more time to put together a coherent Brexit stance.

Mr McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn’s right-hand man, was appearing alongside comedian Matt Forde on BBC 5 Live.

Tearing into the shadow chancellor over Brexit, Forde told Pienaar’s Politics: “I agree with you John, the public don’t vote for divided parties but they don’t vote for confused parties either.

“On the biggest single politician facing this generation over our withdrawal from the European Union the official opposition is not even on people’s radar.

“They know that a Conservative Government will deliver a exit and the Liberal Democrats are positioning themselves as the voice of the 48 per cent.

“The official opposition is not even registering on people’s minds on the biggest issue.”

The comedian added: “You say the Government has not got a plan – that does not stop you from having one!”

A stunned Mr McDonnell replied: “At this point in time, so soon after the referendum only months ago there is a rawness about this issue and the country is extremely divided.

“At some stage the country has to come back together again.”

The hard-left politician said he believed people would come back to the country as the debate surrounding Britain’s exit from Europe developed.

Last month during a major speech in London, the shadow chancellor said Theresa May had “no coherent plan” for Brexit and accused the Government of pursuing an approach that works only for “bankers and the rich”.

And back in August Mr McDonnell said: “The evidence is beginning to mount about the lack of preparation for the referendum on behalf of the Tories.

“Not only did they fail to plan for a Leave vote, but their economic policies have left our economy weaker and more vulnerable as a result of their failure to invest for the future.”

Also appearing on the Sunday morning show was impressionist John Culshaw who said Labour as a party was becoming “increasingly irrelevant”.

Culshaw then asked whether Labour’s electoral struggles would be improved if the party stopped focusing on “luxury issues” such as solidarity with the Palestinians and tributes to Fidel Castro.

He told the shadow chancellor they were “irrelevant” to Labour’s core supporters.

“That is ridiculous!” an angry Mr McDonnell snapped.

“For the last year we have been issues on the economy. We have been arguing there needs to be long-term patient investment in the economy and infrastructure.”

He also said Labour had forced the agenda on tax avoidance, and was continuing to fight over the NHS and social care.

“We are winning the argument on bread and butter issues,” he said.

Published at Mon, 12 Dec 2016 12:42:00 +0000