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Soldier, always a brave career. When players first hand waving sword, it has been doomed Linglie must face wind and brutal battle. In the nick of time with a deadly finishing moves Zhanxia enemy’s head, is the only reward players can get.
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◆ survival factors

Early Masters difficulty, players have to solve the first problem is to survive. First, the elements necessary for the survival of one soldier stated.

A survival factors: teammates

Early fighters must rely on the support of his teammates. After the Xinshoucun, elf archer can have teammates to join. After completing the main task of killing the first one-stop, there will be female escort fighters to join. These early days are very capable teammates. You can go to the black mid minaret make ice mage to join. With a human mate only once. But let’s not forget another teammate – dog. Such as Mykonos dog. There are two teammates follow you around, the chances of survival will be greatly enhanced.

Survival Elements II: damage resistance and magic resistance

Addition constellation has always been a major feature of the Elder Scrolls series. Soldiers need to rely on a more robust constellation stone to bless. Here, I recommend The Lord Stone (Stone King). Get relief for 50 damage and permanent reward 25% magic resistance after activation. If the Orc race with, in the event of a powerful elemental magic, will be much easier.

Survival three elements: Shield Magic

Learning Shield magic has two advantages. First, the greatly increased defense. When using magic shield, change spells will also increase, you can easily learn spells change the “magic resistance” and “change spells lasting” These two skills. This is the second benefit. The magic resistance stack to more than 80%, will be one of the key post-aspect skyline. The Magic Shield duration longer involved in a large number of late battle enemies more favorable.

Four elements of survival: Orc race (recommended)

Orc warrior skills are innate violent occupation choice. Orc born violent skills can greatly improve the efficiency of the fight early, increasing the chances of survival. I experienced test word, which is the difference between life and death.

Survival Factors Five: Recovery Magic (optional)

This is the blood came from a Mengguan magic potions or using the recovery option. I prefer the latter. But still we have to look at each situation to decide according to their own friends.

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