Legitimate Adult Work – Is Adult Work Legal in the UK?

Although sex work always used to be a difficult profession, the UK government has now pushed it to the limits. As with many other sex workers in the UK, Lucy employs AdultWork, a top online adult site where escorts can list their services for customers. She does not want to advertise her business on a free-for-all internet dating site that can result in her being her usual dangerous self. “I have seen too many clients ruined by online dating sites,” she says, referring to the recent cases of cheating spouses and deceiving partners who used AdultWork as their point of entry into the online personals market. “I don’t want to become a statistic like that.”


Despite fears on the part of some clients, Lucy feels that most of the people browsing the Adult workplace are honest and hardworking individuals who just want to find someone they can spend time with. “I know of one man who started his own escort agency after his wife gave birth to another son,” she recalls. “It was hard for him to let go of his previous career as a housekeeper and began dating women again. But he found happiness again after starting an adult website with his new partner.”

Sex work in the UK is illegal under the Bribery Act of 2021. However, since the majority of the sex workers in the country are from abroad, the law does not apply to them. And because most of the people browsing the adult websites are honest and hardworking individuals, there is very little chance of prosecution. In fact, there are websites that have sprung up solely to help sex workers like Lucy find paying clients.

For example, there is Adult Wonderland, an adult website that is a clearing house for people who want to find discreet, legit paid online jobs. They have helped to create many jobs for English speaking escorts in the past. And although they do not advertise their adult services, they do have many members who are willing to talk to you about their work and what it’s like to be an escort. It’s clear that the Sex Work helpline is widely used by many sex workers around the globe.

When you’re looking to sign up to a dating or business website in the UK that offers adult work, one of your first steps should be to check out the reviews of the site on the popular free website Kijiji. Many users rate the different websites and services on a five star system. If you find a website with many positive reviews, you may consider signing up. If you find a lot of people complaining about the service, or if the reviews are mixed, it’s best to avoid the website.

The laws regarding prostitution and adultwork in the UK are constantly changing. There are many instances of new laws having been created over the last year alone. As a result, it’s best to research your company to make sure that it will be legally allowed to operate in your area. If you’re unsure about this or would prefer to skip the research, there is always the option of using a legitimate, established UK sex worker agency.