List Building Logic

List building is a prime component of networking.

Networking is a prime component of ecommerce.

Ecommerce is a prime component of a home-based business.

Home-based businesses are a prime component in dream fulfillment.

Dream fulfillment if s primary component in experiencing life’s purpose.

Life’s purpose is a primary component in satisfaction.

If you follow a trail of logic back far enough it should lead either to an answer that enhances your life or makes it more complicated.

In this series of logic steps we start with a marketing tool that many may overlook – list building. By following the cause and effect motion begun by list building we see that it ultimately aids in the fulfilling life’s purpose as it relates to business and personal passion and the ultimate satisfaction that may be realized.

Most of us work and then have a hobby we enjoy outside the workplace, but a wise man once told me that I should find a way to make my hobbies pay for themselves.

For instance if I enjoy fishing I should try to find some way to make that pay for itself. Maybe my love of fishing becomes a catalyst for a business that escorts tourists to special fishing locations that may not show up on a map. Maybe it means conducting boat tours for fishing.

If my hobby is writing then I should try to find a way to use my writing to pay for itself and maybe make a little profit as well.

Hobbies are often the best expression of our personal passions. Those personal passions may ultimately find voice in an online business. From that point there are natural branches that extend out to ecommerce, networking and, of course, list building.

List building is the process of seeking out (or welcoming) individuals who are passionate about the same thing you are. The end result is building a list of email addresses that you can share not only your enthusiasm, but also knowledge and ideas for using the product or service you are passionate about.

Some people may view list building as either exceptionally hard work on one hand and intimidating on the other. Perhaps it is best to look at it this way, when you have good news you don’t really think about whether you SHOULD share it, you wonder how many people you can share it with.

If it’s something you are passionate about the chances are pretty good you will want to share it with anyone willing to listen. When you connect with someone who is willing to listen the internal satisfaction level increases.

This is why list building is an important function in an online business. You should work to find ways to welcome new visitors to your website and then give them the opportunity to sign up for information that will help spread good news about a shared passion.

Follow your passion to a logical conclusion. You might find it leads to a business that relies on list building to identify motivated consumers who should be well satisfied with a product they share your passion for.