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As the most expected series “Lost” season six has been waited for many more action and class drama. Though now it failed to stay up to the expectations as it has begun with an unstable start which is most unlike of “Lost” series.

Episode 3, “What Kate Does” which was telecast on Tuesday night had the audience sitting through a moving sequence where Kate and Sawyer were recollecting about the brutal past and the pains of leadership with reference to their leader Jack. There was a slight tinge of drama as the episode neared the end but the dosage was not enough to attract attention since the entire episode had a subtle tone.

The episode takes a start with the after happenings of Sayid’s resurgence. Hurley is on cloud nine while jack is completely entangled by mystery while sawyer is hardly taken aback by his resurrection. By some means he knew that he would come back. He feels it is quite necessary that he should head to the forest and he ventures ahead too. In the interim, Kate takes two escorts with her and pursues him.

Meanwhile inside the temple sayid is wired up to a hang cranked battery by Dogen. Due to this sayid is burnt by the hot metal, which sayid used to do to his prisoners in Iraq. This is explained later by ,Lenon who tells that this is to prove that he is not possessed by evil powers.

In the Jungle Aldo seems quite angry at Kate as he tries to explain to her that others were not trying to abuse the survivors but were protecting them from black smoke or the men-in-black. About 3 years ago Kate had knocked him down to make an escape from the Other’s prison and still he had not forgotten that. She finally parts ways with Jin who had come along to look for Sun decking Justin with one of the Rosseau’s booby trap.

Again returning to the temple scene jack asks for certain things to be explained by Dogen and demands for it. It is interesting to note that a slight line of humor goes under tone in all the characters of the show. It can be very well seen when Lenin grins at jack and jack says “did I say something funny”. For which Lenin answers “I doubt it. You don’t really have a sense of humor”. its cool and this is a common characteristic of most of the characters of the show like Kate, sawyer, jack etc.

Dogen tries to convince jack to give sayid a green colors pill, as he says that sayid believes jack and hence he only can make him to have it. Jack really gets puzzled by this and gets irritated and tries to have the pill himself when Dogen stops him. Later Dogen confesses that he was trying to kill sayid as he believed he was possessed by the evil powers. Jack asks him how he can be so sure of it. Then Dogen gives a great twist telling him that his half sister Claire had also been possessed by evil powers.

The show is full of emotions and drama involving Kate and sawyer. Especially in the scenes where Kate finds sawyer weeping over Juliet’s death and gets him down to an Others compounds. Neither Kate is able to hold her emotions. Kate feeling sorry is being shown in the flashback too. The only scene where the show brings about a surprise is when Claire comes back, that too with an exact timing when Aldo was just about to kill Jin. So what does her return signify? Does she carry dark powers with her? What she has got to do in the rest of the series? Check out all yourself the coming week!

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