Low Loader Hire

Low loaders are specially modified haulage vehicles with a two-level drop height for the deck which keeps the deck height very low as compared to other haulage vehicles. They’re used primarily to transport very heavy equipment, plant machinery and other heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, bulldozers, dumper-trucks etc. and also for plant-recovery and transportation of various machinery and access equipments. They are also specially designed and legally allowed to transport equipment or vehicles up to 12ft in height. Low loaders can be used to transport rail and construction equipment and the trailer bed can be extended to increase the available length. There are several different types of low loaders available. Ranging from spring and air rides to hydraulic and independent suspension types, they can provide a rough or smooth ride accordingly. The price can vary depending on the suspension and size of the trailers. Low loader trailers can vary from 4 to 6 or 8 axle types.

The process of moving customized or very heavy loads, industrial plant machinery or other specialized equipment across the country can be a challenging job and there are several reputable haulage firms which can be hired to provide professional assistance. These firms will also supply trained staff to drive the vehicles, transfer the load to designated destinations and ensure the safety and protection of your valuable cargo. Their fleet of low loaders may include vehicles of different sizes and weight which can be hired according to your needs and budget.

Standard 40+ low loaders can transport weights of up to 28 tons and they also have a special winch on board to assist in moving the heavy equipment. They must also be fully compliant with emissions requirements for the cities through which they will be traveling.

While selecting a haulage company, make sure that they are located close to the main highways, motorways and road networks. They should also be punctual, reliable and their vehicles should be in good running condition. The staff should be fully insured and trained to handle the most bulky, heavy and difficult loads under all kinds of weather conditions. They should be accredited by one of the top certifying bodies like IPAF (International Powered Access Federation.) Ensure that the company is also certified by ISO and PAS for best practices. Some top-quality firms offer pilot car escorts to supervise transportation of abnormal loads across the UK and Europe and in many cases, the nature of the load may legally require the services of a pilot escort. The haulage firm may also monitor its trucks via satellite to ensure that your cargo is delivered on time. They can also arrange for all the required documentation and paperwork.

Based on your special needs, budget and requirements you can hire the low loader of your choice.

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