Luxury Rentals in Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada

It is said that the first car rental started in 1916 when a Nebraskan named Joe Saunders lent out his Model T to a traveling salesman. The salesman needed the car for a date with a local girl.

Then car rentals passed some bad reputation in its history when it became associated with bootleggers, bank robbers, and prostitutes. Yes, that was a dark time in car rental history. But when the 18th amendment was repealed in 1933, the industry bounced back in prime form and eventually regained its respectable reputation.

After World War II, the industry rapidly grew together with the boom of the airline industry. One of the pivotal strategy for its growth came into being when it started opening franchises near airports. The other strategy was by centering all its operation from airports and by aggressively advertising their services through the airlines. Bus companies also grew together with car rentals. The 20th century was the time of capitalizing public transportation needs.

And so it is today that the purpose of car rentals still has not changed. It is still connected with travel and special occasions. But it also offers us an alternative to experience sports, exotic, luxury, and classic cars without buying them. Unlike museums, rental cars allow us to experience the whole and delightfully genuine deal. One example comes in the form of the 1948 Ford Cabriolet Convertible. This car was created in the 1940 and judging by its age and value, the car should have its rightful place in a museum, and not on the streets.

But car rentals beg to differ. Car rentals show people that a car such as the 1948 Ford Cabriolet Convertible should not wallow in extinction and memorabilia. Because, for its style and appeal, it must also be praised on the streets as fashion models are appreciated on a runway.

The Ford Cabriolet Convertible has a car body style that has a folding roof. This body style was the primary body style until Cadillac came out with the closed-body. Due to threatened rollover security regulations in the 1970, the Cabriolet’s popularity diminished during the 1970’s.

So thanks to these classic and exotic car rentals, this type of model is still functional and can likewise be appreciated by the present generation. And unlike in the past, where you can only do it by visiting one of their franchises, car rentals are also now easy to access. They now have websites that offer a lot of services such as car models and fleets, rental policies, specials, and reservations. Commercial videos of these companies can also be seen on a lot of internet video streaming sites as well.

And of course, what better way to experience these cars in all their legendary makings than by renting one while in Las Vegas. Las Vegas, need I remind you, is the entertainment capital of the world. We work hard, so it is but reasonable to play as hard too, right? So stop spending your time in museums salivating over these classic cars. Come to Las Vegas. Let us experience the whole deal. On board a classic or exotic car rental here in Vegas, it’s about time you experience the real thing.

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