Memorial Day Weekend is The Time to Deal With Leftover Adult Diapers

If your garage is like ours, it’s overstuffed with things that could be put to better use elsewhere; decent coffee tables and recliners, toaster ovens, birdhouses and even (yikes!) a couple of packs partially used adult diapers. Memorial Day is a traditional time for garage sales all across the United States and it fits perfectly with the idea of Spring Cleaning, too. I myself am a little reluctant to put the adult diapers out in our front yard, but Memorial Day is also the perfect time to call a local charity; a donation of adult diapers can be a good boost to both giver and receiver.

It is a mysterious business of how our attics and garages become stuffed so easily and how at the same time, divesting can be so complicated. Anyone who has run a yard sale knows that if done properly, the undertaking is quite a bit of work. No wonder it often takes going through a major life upset, such as moving or settling an estate, for people to get around to finally rolling up the overhead door and digging into the task. It is all the required decision making that knocks the wind out of most: Will I need this the moment I sell it?, How much is this thing really worth?, Where is the missing handle? and so on.

Our stuff comes to us through a myriad of rich life experiences, so it’s no wonder that there is emotion when we finally decide to put it into a garage sale and move it back out of our lives. These sales can be sacraments of a sort: actions with deep, spiritual meaning. Often the smallest little object can trigger an unexpected sentiment that burdens us even further as we are cleaning out the little storage spaces in our homes. So Memorial Day is the perfect context for this activity. I sincerely recommend another action that is appropraite for Memorial weekend; reduce your burden by calling a local charity and give them some of your best stuff, maybe even most of your stuff. Once a pickup or a drop-off has been arranged, plan a fun date with your partner for when the job is finished and you’ll find the job of sorting through all that stuff will move quite quickly indeed.

So now, what to do about those partially used packs of adult diapers? You can consider what someone I know did: she made up a little sign that she put on her leftover packs of diapers, “Grandpa’s body doesn’t leak anymore, so maybe you know someone who could use these.”

However you should consider another option for your leftover adult diapers. Adult Diapers are expensive and they are not covered by Government reimbursement programs. Because of this, your donation of “leftover” adult diapers will be most welcome at any local free medical clinic or shelter. Give this Memorial Day and have a happy weekend!

About the author: Kate Kew is the communications director for Golden Age Medical and is organizing a web-based library of materials for people who are adjusting to the need for adult diapers. You are invited to view, use and add to this online adult diapers library.