Men’s guide to massage service

Finding a massage service with happy ending may be easy to get during lunch hours but it takes a great manner to get rubbed down and blown away with a special lady using her two soft hands and powerful skills.
When you just meet a lovely lady from Dubai Massage and you want to have some good times with her, it is necessary to have another skill to possess. This inspiring article will guide you to extend your happiness without feeling strange standing next to a beautiful woman with great stories to tell you. This is not about getting mediocre massage – if you want to have the best experience then this is what you need!

Wash up
If you really appreciate your encounter with the masseuse, you need to clean yourself up and smell good. A man’s sexiness can be ‘smelled’ and it’s sensually arousing to find a gentleman wears nice au de toilette and shows up with a fresh face. If you expect a ‘dine in’ the shower, that’s okay if you already clean up first because it will remove every unwanted dirt on your body and let the show begin. This preparation is a must when you take in-call or out call service. No one likes to spend time with a smelly guy.

Money Money Money!!!
For a perfect body to body massage, there is a price to pay. Especially when you are longing for extra time together, you need to negotiate. Bringing cash is always a good idea. You don’t want to disturb your happy session by running out of the room just to get some money from the nearest ATM. There will always be an unexpected moments during massage service especially when you choose the tantric magical touch by My Massage Dubai. It makes you addicted and when you don’t have anything to pay it could be very embarrassing. For a great reviving massage, you need at least $ 300 cash. The extra finance is your way to paradise quicker without interruption. If you want your girl to obey you then you should take this tip seriously.

Learn the code
Being nice is important to anyone. A masseuse may be working to give you happy time but you need to remember that she is at work. If you are nice to her, chances are, you will get extra attention from her more than you deserve. Don’t treat a woman badly even when she is a masseuse because you never know what you get, till you get it! If you want to have an awesome time then you need to show her what awesome really means. If you can make her feel comfortable while performing her moves, you will increase the level of happy ending for your own sake.

Learn the code
When you learn the code, you will not look weird in front of the desk. If you want a body to body massage, you can request it politely without saying something rude. Upon entering the hot session, you can take off your clothes and lay down on bed. This is to help the masseuse figure out that you want tantric or body to body massage instead of a general massage that won’t give you any happy ending whatsoever. It’s not hard to learn the codes because at first you might not get used to it. But in the end you will understand.
My Dubai Massage for example, will guide you even when this is your first time using the service. These girls will not let you feel uncomfortable with yourself because they know exactly what they need to do to make you feel relaxed. Even when you feel numb – they know how to handle you for sure.

All in all
My Dubai Massage is the ultimate and unparalleled massage service you can count on in the city. Enjoy the refreshing feeling and the beauty of hot ladies as they are ready to unleash your fantasy. What are you waiting for? Call now for a great short time service that gives long lasting memory for you. When you come to Dubai, don’t forget to contact the My Dubai Massage!

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