Mike The Situation Reaches Fame With The Jersey Shore

Just average people one day and famous the next. This is the affect of televisions new trend. Reality TV has most of us watching daily and nightly as people just like us are forced to live in unusual circumstances or face extreme challenges. Sitcoms and soap operas are slowly being replaced with unscripted dramas in a wide variety. Even after shows have ended, most of these new ‘celebrities’ keep the spotlight on them by appearing at clubs or on talk shows. Mike The Situation has done just that.

At the end of 2009 MTV, a network that is already home to many reality shows, introduced us to a whole new group of would be stars. Taking place in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, the concept was simple. Eight young people, most Italian Americans, would live, work, and party together for the summer.

One member of the cast made a particularly lasting impression of many viewers. The now self proclaimed ‘Reality King’ Mike Sorrentino always thought he would eventually have fame. This hit series may have brought him just that. The oldest cast member of Jersey Shore he is 27, Before his T. V. Debut he made a living as the assistant manager at a fitness center near Staten Island, New York, where he is from.

Forming immediate friendships in the house were Mike and Pauly D. With similar family backgrounds these Italian Americans shared the same basic routines. They brought back the controversial term Guido, and seemed proud to call themselves such. They spent hours on their ‘G. T. L.’. The gym, then off to the tanning beds, and finally laundry. This along with frequent trips to the barber shop, seemed to be a cornerstone for looking sharp.

Finding girls seemed to be key to the shore experience. Chasing one woman after another led Mike first to quite a collection of phone numbers, and then to a reputation among the ladies. Pauly often served as ‘wing man’ and the pair engaged in a stream of casual relationships. They were not the only two to interested in ‘hooking up’. The whole cast spent many nights dancing and fist pumping at the local clubs.

His constant women chasing did manage to make enemies for Mike. Once house mates Ronnie and Sami decided to pursue a more serious relationship, Mikes seeming obsession over his brief attraction to Sami caused tensions to run high. Vinny vented his frustrations with Mike appointing himself head of the house. After hearing of Vinny’s complaints Mike decided to get even. Using a mixture made from various foods in the fridge, including pickle juice and cheese, Mike managed to smell up Vinny’s room for days. Even cast member Jenny had a run in with Mike when he refused to leave the company of a female he just met to escort her to their room. Leaving the club feeling sick from too many drinks Jenny waited for Mike to return. Roommates intervened when she physically attacked him. Despite the drama most cast members seemed to have forgiven and forgotten by the shows last episode.

The 8 overnight stars seem to be enjoying the spotlight as they appear in clubs and on talk shows. We haven’t seen the last of them. Mike The Situation, as well as the 7 others have signed on for a second season.

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