Mind And Body: Positive Effects Of Massage

There is definitely more to massage than just getting the rest and relaxation that your body has been craving for all these time. Yes, while it’s true that there is probably no more effective way to relax and recharge than to get oneself a pleasurable and sensual massage, research studies over the years have proved that there are more important benefits that one can acquire from getting a massage.

Since people recognize the healing power of touch, massage has been a frequent topic of a diverse collection of studies and research.

The mind is one area where the benefits of a therapeutic massage can be seen. Here are just few of the many mental benefits of massage:

– Stress Management. Experts show that a high number of health problems root from stress. Stress from work, relationships and day-to-day living contribute largely to many diseases. And because it’s impossible to eradicate stress on the face of the earth, a good option is proper stress management. Massage is an effective way of managing stress because it allows to you to have momentary peace of mind and a relaxed mental state which are important in keeping yourself mentally healthy.

– Emotional benefits. It’s easy to see how a calming and soothing massage session can give one’s spirits a lift, resulting in much happier and more cheerful person and perspective on life.

– Satisfaction of craving for nurturing touch. Babies are not the only ones who long for another person’s loving touch. Even grown-ups do. And because it’s not possible to have everybody within a hug’s reach every minute of the day, a massage will give you the nurturing touch you’re unconsciously longing for.

– Reduction of anxiety and fatigue.

– Better sleep quality. It is for this reason why people diagnosed with insomnia love getting massages. Massage is way better than sleeping pills.

But the mind isn’t the sole recipient of massage’s positive effects. In fact, it also does wonders for the body and a person’s physical state. Some of the countless physical benefits of massage include:

– Muscle relaxation. Massage has been found to dramatically reduce stress by relieving muscular tension and stiffness as well as aid in relaxation of the muscles.

– Pain reduction. Because massage can reduce muscle spasm and give comfort to aching muscles, those who have back pains or muscle pains often go to massage centers to alleviate pain.

– Enhancement of blood circulation. This is why those who are diagnosed with circulatory problems are often encouraged to get massage therapies.

– Improvement of flexibility, athletic performance and range of motion. It’s not a surprise that many athletes indulge in massage. Not only does this improve their performance, it is also a good way to prevent injuries.

– Easy rehabilitation. A massage facilitates easy recovery from an injury such as a leg sprain.

– Treatment and improvement of some medical conditions such as Arthritis, Hypertension and musculoskeletal problems.

True enough, the value of massage therapy is priceless. With the countless of benefits one can get from a massage, it is just right to treat yourself with a session every once in a while.

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