Must See Movie Downloads: Blind Fury

Breakin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo is a movie that will brighten your day and cheer you up no matter what mood you’re in. Maybe you’re not even a fan of old school hip hop and you think that people spinning on their heads all day is just kind of silly, but regardless, we put Breakin’ 2 in the same league as the classic musicals, and it’s one of our must see movie downloads because it’s just such a delight to witness.

In movies like Blade Runner and The Hitcher, Hauer’s icy cool attitude allows him to say and do pretty much anything and have it come across as believable. In The Hitcher, he’s the kind of guy who can make a morbid joke and smile about it, making you wonder if he’s kidding or if he’ll really do it.

They call him the European Paul Newman, but maybe the European Christopher Walken is a little more accurate.

In Blind Fury, he plays a character who is a pure, heroic type, but is nonetheless granted an extra layer of depth by the actor’s unique approach to the character. We follow him as a Vietnam Veteran who lost his sight in the war. A village of South Koreans took him in and taught him how to use a samurai sword (we know, the samurai were Japanese, not Vietnamese, just roll with it). The movie is pure eighties, with training montages showing him slicing coconuts in half and so on.

It’s rated R, and it’s a hard R. Running Scared never pulls its punches. So many movies these days tend to soften things up. Heck, the last Die Hard movie was rated PG 13. It’s refreshing to see a movie that isn’t scared to go all the way, and then a little further, to boot.

The movie is generally pretty standard action-comedy fare as he escorts his war buddy’s son across the country, fights the mob and makes some goofy wisecracks, but a layer of dramatic depth is added in third act when our hero is, again, left alone in hostile territory, and it becomes clear how deeply emotionally wounded he was by his friend’s abandonment. This also gives his old buddy a chance to redeem his earlier cowardice. The way that this pays off is surprising for what is otherwise a pretty standard action flick (albeit with a really great gimmick with the blind hero).

There have been talks of a possible “Breakin’ 3”, which would focus on Turbo and Ozone as a pair of older, wiser dance instructors working at the same community center they saved so many years ago. Sadly, it’s not likely to materialize. The world of hip hop has changed, and rap is not nearly as colorful, vibrant, and optimistic as it was when the original movies were made.

He imagines the bullet flying past his face, through the window, across the yard, and into his window, right over the head of himself about ten minutes ago. The bullet was added with CGI, the rest of the shot was real. Paul Walker’s younger brother actually looks a lot like him and he came to visit him on the set that day. A light went off over the director’s head, and he realized that they could use a dolly to film this scene without spending too much extra on the special effects budget. Brilliant stuff.

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