Online Affairs – The Horror of Internet Infidelity

We’ve all heard about it, read about it. Spouses having affairs…. not just any affairs, though. ONLINE affairs.

According to detectives, 10-20 percent of online affairs begin there; online. The internet has opened us to new corners of infidelity we couldn’t explore before. Many couples are finding themselves sneaking around late at night, one person to begin an online affair & the other to sniff it out.

How has this affected us as a country? Our trust in partners has lowered since online affairs have become so popular. The days of harmless emails is long behind us. Why has the online affair become so popular? Unlike a face-to-face affair, online infidelity allows us to become whoever we’d like. Men can be as big or tough as they please, women as small & intelligent as they’d like to come across.

Online affairs allow us to become who we’d inevitably like to be in real life. There are no stress factors except to type quickly & take a good web cam photo. Also, many people don’t consider an online affair an affair at all. They believe that for true “cheating” to occur, the online affair must become physically intimate.

Thankful, there are sites now like Online Infidelity Investigations, that allow you to check your partner’s email address against address books for online dating sites. These investigators can often uncover escort service and porn site memberships as well. If you hire the right PI they can even provide you with a detailed report that could be used in court in a divorce or custody hearing.

The question is, how are you going to stop your partner from carrying on an online affair? Generally, presenting them evidence from a site like the one above will make them realize that when they sign off, they’re still signed on to hurt you. Online affairs are truly becoming something worth watching out for & discussing with your partner. Be aware of the online affair as much as you would be aware of a “real” affair, because don’t be fooled; these are just as real.

Statistics have shown that one in four people who flirt online will meet up with that person in real life. Taking a harmless online chat into a real life physical affair. Once the parties have exchanged pictures the statistics skyrocket.

If your spouse or partner is involved with prostitutes or escorts they met online they could be exposing you and your family to sexually transmitted diseases , drugs,criminals or even blackmail. Imagine the shame and embarrassment if your friends, neighbors, coworkers and extended family were all notified of your spouses extramarital infidelity with prostitutes and escorts.

If you decide to hire a private investigator be sure to do your homework. Check out the private eye to see if they are qualified to run this type of state of the art investigation. You can start by doing a Google search to see if they are recognized as an expert in this very technological field.
Make sure that they can provide an investigator report that can be used in court. This is a sure sign that the investigator is qualified.

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