'OUTRAGEOUS!' Katie Hopkins DESTROYS LBC caller who says Brexiteers are 'uneducated'

'OUTRAGEOUS!' Katie Hopkins DESTROYS LBC caller who says Brexiteers are 'uneducated'

Stating she can no longer bear the views of the man anymore, Katie Hopkins moved to chastise him for his “outrageous” and “obnoxious” opinion. 

The argument was sparked after the caller, known only as Francis, from south Kensington, phoned in to discuss the recent Brexit vote in Parliament.

Francis, speaking on LBC, said: “Look, we have to be realistic now – we’ve got two groups of people who voted for Brexit.

“You have the elderly people and then you have the uneducated and ill-informed…”

This prompted a swift response from Hopkins, who interjected: “I can’t bear it, Francis, I just can’t bear it.

“The whole of my body has just clenched in. The idea that people who voted for Brexit – I’m sorry Francis for interrupting you but I feel morally obligated – were old cretins or thick individuals I find it absolutely outrageous.

“I find it the most obnoxious view from people that live inside the London bubble and consider themselves to be far superior and far more intelligent than anyone else, and the notion that we didn’t know what we were voting for is simply beyond the pale.”

The 41-year-old added: “I will not tolerate it anymore – the idea that we are intellectually weaker because we don’t happen to live in the metropolitan bubble.

“I will not have it – the people I live with are decent, hardworking people. 

“They go to work every day, they pay their taxes to fund the MPs who did not reflect the will of the people and they work jolly hard to support London that is overprivileged… I will not tolerate the notion that Brexit voters are thick.”

After her minute-long tirade at her caller, Hopkins instantly cut him off before moving on with her show.

The Brexit-backing radio host came under more criticism after she announced she had created a “wall of shame” displaying seven MPs who voted against their constituents in the House of Commons Brexit vote last week.

Hopkins read out the names of the diehard Remainers who voted against Theresa May’s departure timetable despite the fact their constituents had backed Leave.

Another caller, known only as Taff, claimed that she was “palpably stupid” and said that MPs are elected to stop the public doing things like “bring back the death penalty”.

Thick-skinned Hopkins, however, laughed off any criticism directed at her by the Welshman before declaring that she loved him for calling her “stupid”.

Published at Sun, 11 Dec 2016 00:01:00 +0000