Overseas Security Jobs: Not a Job But an Adventure

Here’s a great adventure that pays heftily as well. Overseas security jobs are now in demand in most developed countries in the world and interested parties with the right qualifications should grab the opportunity and apply now.

What are Overseas Security Jobs?

Keeping a place secure and safe — this is basically what a security job is. Security personnel make sure that everything’s okay with the place, its facilities and properties, and most especially the people there, as far as security and safety is concerned. Security employees are security chiefs, officers, managers, supervisors, guards, house detectives, personal body guards, and monitoring technicians, among others. These security jobs are “overseas” because the employers need migrant workers. People applying for overseas security jobs should have the necessary knowledge and experience.

Why “Overseas”?

Many private companies today look for workers not only within the country of their operation but in others as well. This enables them to get some of the best possible skills and talents from more parts of the globe. Moreover, they often manage to cut on labor costs when they hire migrants from developing countries and yet still offer pay attractive to such applicants. Thus, overseas security jobs are often lucrative ones that pay more compared to local security jobs found in the home countries of migrant applicants. Pay may range from 55 to 200 thousand dollars a year, often tax free.

Requirements for Overseas Security Jobs

Besides passports, visas, and other important traveling documents, overseas security jobs require proper training. Applicants need not be former military or policemen or former expert combat operatives. There are short courses on security provided through vocational schools or online. Visit schools or online sites offering the appropriate courses. Be sure to have the right security course pertinent to the security job applied for. Some overseas security jobs are often for banks, payday loan outlet, museums, big corporations, credit and financial institutions, and the like. Specific security job descriptions may involve guarding, monitoring, surveillance, crowd control, technical support, personal security, and escort services, like traveling with a bank armored vehicle.

Does the Work Entail Handling Guns?

Not always. There are security jobs that focus on mere checking on people who enter or exit facilities or buildings. House detectives often just roam around buildings, wearing formal clothes, unarmed, and checking every floor, reporting back to base through radio.

Where to Apply?

It’s best to apply online. There are now a lot of websites on overseas security jobs and applicants simply need to search. Post resumes and qualification credentials on the site and fill up online application forms. Or, visit government overseas employment agencies and inquire about overseas security jobs. Also have the government agency check the legitimacy of companies or placement agencies that offer the job.

Inquire from Friends

Some people know about migrant workers who are into overseas security jobs. It’s worth trying to ask around to get some leads. But make sure that whatever information obtained from such inquiries should be confirmed from a government overseas employment office or agency before making any final move or decision.

Peter Garant is writing articles about Overseas Security Jobs for a site about Expats.