Picking Up Girls – Motion Always Beats Meditation

The legendary businessman Gary Halbert once said motion beats meditation, what he meant was that when you’re running a business it is better to be an action than to think about your problems. This quote is just as applicable to picking up women.

You must get in motion. This means you must put yourself in environments, situations, and places where it is conducive to meet women. These activities can include: online dating, local single groups, going to the bars, going to the mall, spending time in coffee shops…

It also means you cannot just sit on your hands and wait to meet someone. Instead you must also take action to meet different girls. I assume that you probably suffer from the same issue I did which was fear of rejection and humiliation.

This fear is not entirely unfounded as many times I have walked away from an attempted pickup feeling incredibly humiliated and totally deflated. When you experience these rejections it makes it very difficult to portray that elusive and attractive confidence that women claim to be so attracted too.

If It Was Easy It Would Not Be Worth!

Yes, rejection will happen. In truth you are going to experience more rejection than ever before. The more women you talk to will directly cause more to women reject you. However the more women you talk to will also directly influence how many girls you are successful with.

A great tool to use if you’re concerned about potential rejection is what I call the smile test. This test can help you determine: if she is available, if she finds you attractive, and if she’s going to be receptive to you initiating a conversation.

This Is How It Works

When you see a pretty girl you look her in the eyes and give her a genuine smile. If she returns your smile then meet you should go ahead and introduce yourself to her. If she does not return it, then it doesn’t mean she isn’t interested but your potential for rejection increases.

Why This Works

When you smile at her you are creating an instant connection. She is going to see you as someone that is outgoing, optimistic, and energetic. In other words someone she wants to get to know. You also are going to be showing her the most attractive version of yourself, as everyone is more attractive when they are smiling.

If you don’t believe this pay attention to how much more attractive women are when they smile back at you. In addition pay attention to the way your thoughts about her will change if she smiles at you. Often you assume that she has a lot of positive characteristics such as: approachable, nice, friendly… is she smiles at you.

You also can make some assumptions based upon this test. You can assume that she is single because women with a significant other should not be smiling at random guys. This is because smiling is the most basic form of flirting and unavailable women shouldn’t be flirting with men. This test is not 100% reliable however it is incredibly effective. It is a very useful tool and can completely eliminate at least the risk of humiliation with a rejection.

If you meditate and hope that love is just going to find you, then you are almost guaranteed a future of being single. However if you go out and put yourself in the venues to meet women and engage girls in conversation you have a much higher likelihood of finding the right girl for you. I promise your success with women will outweigh and be worth any rejection you encounter.

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