Prostitution In Dubai

As Islam is the predominant religion in Dubai and the laws are very strict, it unthinkable for many that prostitution could exist here. The reality is, prostitution in Dubai has existed for a while now and is rapidly growing as the city is visited by more and more tourists every year.

Yes, welcome to reality. It does happen in Dubai and it takes place a lot. The sad issue is that prostitution is illegitimate on paper. However literally speaking, it is commonly engaged in throughout Dubai. There are so many places that are simply saturated with prostitutes that are so apparent and yet overlooked by the law officials.

Any person would be able to identify a prostitute in Dubai from miles away. Actually there are so many designated areas where you will find them anytime you go. And the most ironic thing is that the government blocks certain TV channels and Web sites due to “provocative” material however you could simply move out of your apartment and notice ten prostitutes right down the street from you.

I’ve seen prostitute centers right next to Mosques. This is really unbelievable For you it may be but for the native Dubai resident it is part of daily life. It has become a norm in Dubai and it is quite acceptable.

The Alleged History of Prostitution

You will never hear this published anywhere (or not even discussed as much) but this is the kind of information we are determined to get to you so that you become aware of the objective facts and truth regarding Dubai.

The history behind the prostitution issue in Dubai stems back to merely over a decade or so. It’s an undeclared and unpublished truth and understanding amongst many that prostitution in Dubai became a regular occurrence once the expatriate population began to grow rapidly.

There were many cases of local Arabs kidnapping the wives of expat men who came to Dubai for employment. The women were raped and returned back. And since Dubai is a Sheikdom and not a democracy, the laws of the Emirate were (and still are) monopolized and intended to support the local National (citizen). Yes, they can just about do anything they want and get away with it.

This caused widespread anger and frustration among the expatriate population and many started to depart Dubai. Dubai couldn’t afford this as it had a big requirement for labor. The native Dubai population isn’t very big. As I write this discussion in 2008, just 17% or so of Dubai is comprised of the native Nationals.

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