Now you are probably thinking, what do girls really ask, when you click on this link, Right? The lists are endless and so numerous that at the end of this post you can related the questions listed here with everyday life activities.
Some are sensible enough, while others are just off the hook, sometimes gets the guy thinking, gush! What does she really want? Or what connection is this question with the issues at hand? Or probably what does she really expect me (as a guy) to reply?


· What will you eat? Now they are asking some times not because they are willing to go the extra mile to get what you really want to eat! They are sometimes only asking to make them appear as though they care! Now correct me if am wrong, do they really get you what you request for? Sometimes NO, they end up suggesting dishes for you, Why? Because they really don’t mean the question, WHAT WILL YOU EAT? Rather what I can get for you, only that they try to paint care around it, even when the care is not there!
· What do you have for me? Now ladies love this question so much that they can’t go days without asking their man, what he has for them!
Correct me Please, ladies are sometimes like the proverbial citizens who always ask what their country can do for them, rather than what they can do for their country, sometimes they really get carried away, by thinking their man can provide for all their demands, and when the guy in question is really not able to keep up with these demands, he becomes “NOT CARING”, Like they say in their words or when they are in their little girls discussion forum, hmmmm! Like seriously, you ladies discuses these things, correct me if am wrong!
· After been rap*d, she ask, God why me? Funny enough it can’t be me,*wink* Why? Am not the one who go on near topless wears or super-hot mini skirts and bum-short ( if that’s what you ladies call it, pardon me if I didn’t get the spelling right, but hope you get my gist?)
Now what were they thinking when they put on these stuffs? To look nice and cool?…..Nah, I really don’t think that’s all, among other intentions are to seduce and entice guys!
And what do you expect from a rebellious guy who seems too weak to get what he wants in a legal and gentle manner? Well you should expect force and cruel ways which is R*PE, reason been that you dragged an army of flies to yourself, in the name of fashion and looking trending, forgetting your actions are driving guys in the “CORNER” mad, used corner, because in my country, they is this expression called “KOR-ROR”, a Yoruba popular phrase for guys, who always hang around in corners, seeking ladies to get down with and take advantage of.
· Can I bring my friends along? Now she is the one been invited here, but because of their “Large caring heart” unquote! They really like the scene of show up that sometimes this low class ones (not all though) are willing to bring along friends on an invite that was only meant for one, sometimes not been concern with the financial state of their man, which really gets the guy sometimes running series of calculations in his brain, so he really doesn’t end up getting embarrassed with unplanned debt. So maybe next time you ask your guy if you can come along with some friends, remember that he has plans and any inconveniency as a result of unplanned expenses can really strain the relationship.
· When I called, did you miss me? Now what does she expect the guy to say? Ladies like security so much that they force words out of a man’s mouth, just to be sure sometimes that they are still in control of his heart, and sometimes are really not willing to wait for the guy to always say some things in his own free will.
· What do you want from me? Now ladies are fond of asking these questions, but like really, what do you think he WANTS from you? Well you won’t hear that from me, but perform a sincere evaluation and you will know what he wants from you, among other things*wink*

· Where do you see us going? When a lady ask this question, in essence she is reminding you, she is not just for fun alone but she is ready to be your wife. So better be ready or you see the wrath of a woman! Like really! You really don’t want to feel her anger.