Rebuild The Love in Your Marriage

Being married to the same person for years can lack excitement so may be a reason why an extra-marital relationship is entered into. Here are some ideas you can use to revive your union and increase your partners desire for you.

Create an individual gift: Use crayons to draw a childlike image of a smiley sun, a secluded beach and two stick figures with hands. The drawing doesn’t need to be faultless but attempt to make it does need to look as if you have spent some time on it. You can draw a big heart and write a message inside it. Seal and address the envelope to your partner. Send it to your partner so she can receive it in the middle of a busy and stressful day in her office.

In the warm twilight hours, spread a blanket on the floor, bring some chocolates, snacks and champagne and have a picnic. Relax and gaze at the stars as both of you enjoy the food.

Get a long stemmed rose and surprise your partner by delivering it when she is at home. Write a short note on it saying “Thank you for coming into my life”.

You will need some massage oil, a sheet of colored tissue paper and a blank card in addition to a small decorated cardboard box. Tissue paper can be placed in the box. Arrange the massage items on a table and write this message on the blank card “if you want a sensual massage call this number (your phone number)”.

Recall childhood memories by walking into the park together and pushing her on a swing.

Have fun with water by taking two big water pistols along with you to the beach. Pull them out into the water, give one to your partner and both of you should have a big water fight.

Discover what your partner always wished for when she was young. Give this as a gift on her birthday.

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