Rooms For Older Girls Tap Into Newfound Interests

Let’s face it: Decorating a room for your younger daughter can be almost a snap. But what about her older sister?

As you know they may not be into the dress up and still too young for the make-up so what do you create in their room as a design? Well it can seem quite difficult at first but in the end you’ll create a great room for them to enjoy no matter if they aren’t your baby girl anymore.

Color Intense: When you don’t know what else to do, or if a big fight looms over something inappropriate, take the easy way out: color. Let her choose whatever color she loves most and then saturate her room with it. Paint the walls, paper the border, hang the curtains, stuff the pillows, fluff the fabrics all in the same color that she has chosen. It might not be a grown-up’s idea of bedroom heaven, but your girl will love it.

Animal print is always big even when your daughter becomes a teenager. Choose a few different fabrics which contribute the animal print such as zebra, leopard, and even cheetah. Add a bit of color and you’re set with a great theme for our tween which will be come a teen in no time.

Maybe you have a daughter who loves her sports as much as the boys and wants to show off her talent. Try adding a few shelves in her room for the trophies and awards she’ll earn throughout her school years along with a sports theme in her room. Using bats as curtain rods is a great addition to a sports theme room.

If your daughter is still into fairy tales such as the prince and princess theme it is quite simple to create an older addition to this. Using pastel and stenciled flowers on the walls along with ivy they’ll have their own secret garden to call their own.

Maybe your daughter is one of those whom feel as if she’s already a teenager when in fact she still has a couple of more years. Try using a French look with many black and white checkered fabrics in her room with some great French themed art on the wall. On the other hand maybe you want to create that shabby chic look for your child. Look for furniture which has a bit of wear and a great vintage slip cover for a chair in her room and she’ll be set for a few years when she becomes that teen she wants to be so bad!

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