Seattle In Home Care An Alternative for Seniors

Many people search for professional help for their parents after an emergency situation, such as when the parent has injured him/herself. That point may be a little late to start talking about the parent’s living arrangements, as sometimes it’s difficult for adult children to convince their parents that they need help. The elderly are often fiercely independent, and react negatively at the idea of moving into an assisted living facility. Fortunately, not every senior needs to move into an assisted living arrangement. They can get help from professional care givers from a senior in-home care agency.

In- home care is the best choice for seniors who are able to take care of themselves but who need some help now and then. In-home care providers often provide help that ranges from general companionship and conversation, to helping with household activities like washing dishes, doing laundry, pet care, and housekeeping.

In-home care can, also, include help in maintaining personal hygiene. The clients can request help that could range anywhere from a few hours each week to care for 24 hours each day. Some in-home care agencies have care givers who will drive the senior to appointments, do the grocery shopping, and even escort the senior to worship services.

In fact, a few Seattle In-home care agencies help the elderly find placement in Seattle’s several assisted living facilities. Professionals from these in-home care agencies match their clients with the top 3-4 most appropriate Seattle Assisted Living Services that match the seniors’ needs and budgets. These in-home care professionals often closely work with medical professionals, care communities, seniors, and family members to ensure that the client receives the highest level of care.

However it’s important to choose a Seattle Elder care agency with care. The in-home care organization should ensure that their professional care givers undergo comprehensive training. Before hiring the services of a professional care giver, consult the family doctor who will have knowledge of most senior services in Seattle.

Brian Englund is a Seattle based expert on Seattle senior services and has written, several articles about Seattle elder care, and especially Alzheimer’s care.