See Blind Fury On Movie Downloads

If you’re in the mood for a good old fashioned eighties action flick and you’ve already seen everything with Arnold and Stallone a million times over, give Blind Fury a chance. They call Rutger Hauer the European Paul Newman, but Christopher Walken is probably a more accurate comparison. Both actors are capable of that icy coolness, where they can say sinister things that sound friendly and friendly things that sound sinister. Hauer brings that quality to his heroic role in Blind Fury, and the result is definitely one of our must see movie downloads of the eighties, especially if you’re talking about cool, funny action flicks.

The story follows a Vietnam war veteran who was abandoned by his old buddy during a bad firefight. He was left behind and wound up going blind. He was taken in by a south Vietnamese village where he was taught to use a samurai sword to defend himself. He’s now returned to the United States and is seeking out the man who left him behind, not to take revenge, but to forgive his old friend and reconcile with him.

Along the way he picks up the man’s son in Miami, Florida, and escorts him to meet his father in Las Vegas, Nevada, who has gotten into some trouble with the local gangsters and hoods. Their quest winds up being surprisingly heart warming and moving, which is nice, considering that it really didn’t need to deliver any more than some action and laughs.

Hauer is almost outclassed by the rest of the cast, including Randal Tex Cobb as Slag, the badguy’s right hand man, who lives up to the name, SLAG! Slag winds up meeting a fitting end that turns out to be one of the best in the history of action movies. In fact all of the badguys get a good come uppance sooner or later, and that’s really what helps to define a great action flick.

The movie really captures the best of what eighties action comedy films were all about. It’s funny, the action is inventive, imaginative, and exciting, and it finds a lot of room for great character development and good storytelling, so while there’s focus on humor and action, that’s not all there is to it. The story is actually somewhat touching.

Ninja movie legend Sho Kosugi makes a great cameo towards the end as the hired sword the badguy sics on Hauer. Kosugi has been a legend in Asia for years but has rarely been more than a cult favorite in the US, so it’s always cool to see him in a movie, even if he’s reduced to playing little more than hired baddies. But regardless, he and Hauer have one of the movie’s best scenes together.

You’ll probably love the two redneck brothers who are constantly nagging each other and fighting, providing the real comedic drive of the movie. Sort of like throwing Abbot and Costello into the middle of an action flick.

It really is too bad that they don’t really make movies like this anymore, but we can at least enjoy these movies with movie downloads. It’s not one of the most well known of the eighties action flicks, but it’s really one of the very best of the era. Funny, exciting, imaginative and fun.

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