Senior Travel – Best Travel Discounts For Seniors

Many travel companies offer special discounts that are exclusively for seniors. Whether you want tours to exotic places or an adventure on a cruise ship, there is always loads of fun and ways to relax wherever you choose to go.

One popular company for seniors, AARP, offers discounts for seniors who are over 50, on everything including airline tickets, hotel rooms, cruises and even rental cars. One of the major cruise lines had recently offered customers $ 250 to spend while onboard, with free upgrades, as well as $ 1000 in airline credits.

In this article, we will discuss ways to find the best travel discounts for seniors on cruises. Cruises are probably the most popular form of tripsfor seniors. When people are younger, they always dream about the day when they can retire and have more time to take more cruises.

Travel Discounts for Seniors – Senior Cruises

There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to spend your retirement years traveling to new and exotic locations. Whether you are traveling with a loved one, or out to meet new people, going on a cruise can be an incredible experience. Many cruises are geared especially for senior citizens, and can be the absolute best way to spend visiting some of the most jaw-dropping travel spots in the world.

Some popular vacation spots for senior citizens include a trip to the beautiful, scenic state of Alaska, or sun drenched beaches of Bermuda or the Caribbean. Perhaps you might enjoy a trip to Hawaii or the old world charm of a European destination.
Wherever you choose to go, rest assured that you can spend your time relaxing by the pool with a favorite book, while sipping a tall, cold drink.

Active senior citizens, who don’t like sitting around, can enjoy a good game of tennis, golf, or even take up dancing lessons.
Cruise ships also make ports of call to different locations, complete with experienced and knowledgeable local guides to show you around. Naturally, any shore visit provides the latest amenities and transportation to anywhere you may wish to go.

Travel Discounts for Seniors – Cruises for Single Seniors

Some seniors may want to take advantage of cruises designed just for singles. Depending on what you are looking for in a cruise, plan accordingly. Although an AARP membership starts at 50, many senior citizens are active into their 80s. However, there are cruises that specialize in groups over 40.

Other options for single seniors would include various social functions for people to meet other singles. If you are single and female, you may wish to take advantage of Gentleman Hosts. These gentlemen are usually over 50 and will escort or dance with unescorted ladies onboard. These men are given discounted or free cruises to do nothing but dance and help entertain senior women.

Special needs for seniors can be accommodated as well, including any special medical needs. Doctors are available on every major cruise ship in the event any guest on board needs medical attention. There is also usually an infirmary on board the ship for any minor medical needs.

Best Travel Discounts for Seniors – Conclusion

Travel companies are happy to accommodate senior citizens and find them the best deals; all you have to do is ask. Travel discounts for seniors are what it takes to see more of the world for less.

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