Sex Addiction Counseling in Frisco, TX: Helping Your Spouse

sex addiction counseling frisco txSex addiction counseling in Frisco, TX is not just for the addict, but also the spouse. If you are married to someone that is addicted to sex, you need to remember that there was a reason you married them, and that with help you may be able to work through the issues you are having. However, they need your help to successfully beat their addiction.

The first step in getting sex addiction counseling in Frisco, TX is helping the addicted realize that they have a problem and getting them to agree to get help. Forcing someone into counseling or therapy isn’t the answer to healing, but showing them why they need help may be.

Signs Of Sex Addiction

There are many types of sex addiction, from the need to actually have sex often (with whomever), to masturbating addictions and pornography addiction. The problem with these addictions is that they pull couples apart because the person with the addiction is getting what they need somewhere else and lying to their partner.

Some of the obvious signs of a sex addiction include keeping secrets, the addict pulling away and not showing affection for their partner, they may spend more time away, and they may start acting differently than they used to. The results of an addiction to sex that has them sleep with multiple partners could be out of wedlock pregnancies and even the contraction of venereal diseases, which could then be spread to you, the spouse.

If your spouse has begun to show less interest in you sexually, talk to them. It could be something like depression or or other issues, but if you suspect they have been with other people, or you’ve found their porn stash or signs that they masturbate often, it may be time to talk to them and help them.

Getting Help

Once you have confirmed their addiction, no matter what type of sexual addiction it is, let them know how it is affecting your relationship and that you want to help them. Sex addiction doesn’t have to mean the end of your marriage or relationship. If they can get help and healing, your relationship can get back to normal. Just like any addiction, there is a cure, with therapy and love.

Being There For Them

You need to be there for them for your sex addicted spouse as they heal from their addiction. Sex addiction counseling in Frisco, TX can save your marriage. While it is possible that the addiction could win out, or you spouse could fall off the wagon, there is hope.

Contact the Center for Marriage and Family Counseling for Sex Addiction Counseling in Frisco, TX

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