Sex in the water may look very romantic. in movies & in
the pics of erotic magazines. However, it is not as safe &
enjoyable as it may appear at first glance. In case you require to keep away from positive
issues that this experience may cause, there’s things that you
need to be aware of before engaging in the underwater sex.
It is true that sex in the water can give you new & memorable
experiences, if your sexual arousal is at maximum. However,
at this point you may be faced with a major issue – safety. They
are not speaking about condoms. In this case you will fail to take
advantage of condoms, because warm water & chemical substances, such
as chlorine, have a very negative impact on a condom, thus it is
pointless to depend on its protection. In addition, having sex in the
water increases the risk that the condom will basically slip off, which
would be very disagreeable to both partners. Female condoms are a better
choice here.
It ought to not be forgotten, that lakes, seas & other water ponds are
filled with microorganisms & bacteria, which may cause infections &
irritations of your sex organs. Underwater sex also increases the
chance to get sexually transmitted diseases.
It may appear that there shouldn’t be any issues with
lubrication as you are having sex in the water, however, the
situation with lubrication is opposite. The water washes away
the natural lubrication that your bodies produce, which leads to
disagreeable sensations such as dryness, irritation & friction in the work of
sexual activity.
In case you have thought about all the feasible side effects of underwater
sex, & still require to do it, choosing lubricants & right
birth control is not the only issue for you to think about. In order
to take the most out of this water game, it is advisable to pick a
place where you could do it without disturbance.
Sex in the pool. Public pools are out of query, as sex in public is
thought about an offence. For this you ought to pick your private pool or
Jacuzzi. However, you ought to be aware that there is a sizable amount
of chlorine in the pool water. Chlorine may lead to irritation or
injuring in the work of sexual activity. If the pool or Jacuzzi water is
not chlorinated , the bacteria remaining in the water may cause
serious infections.
Sex in the shower or a bath. If your bathtub is tiny for
different sex positions, you may require to think about shower sex. Sex in
the shower is better than tub sex, & it prevents from much water
entering your private areas. It is recommendable to have anti-slippery
surfaces in the bathroom & something to hold on to, so as to keep away from
serious injuries. Also, select if a standing position is comfortable
for both of you.
Sex in open waters. In case you select to have sex in the nearest water
pond, think of its cleanliness. It may be very simple to catch an
infection or a disease due to all kinds of bacteria the water
contains. Salty sea or ocean water does not provide any advantages to
the traditional sex. Salt, same as the chlorine, may irritate vagina
& lead to discomfort. The ocean is a place where it may be
difficult to have sex, because you constantly must bear in mind the
tides which may bring you far away from the shore. Seas & oceans are
filled with microorganisms & bacteria , the harm of which was already
discussed above.