Sex on the Beach

Every man and almost every woman got very turned on when they saw Sarah walking down the street. Her two perfectly shaped boobs were bouncing with every step, her ass was greatly formed and ready to be spanked, man dreamed about putting their cocks into her beautiful and talented mouth, she had also a beautiful glowing face, long brown hair and ideal body.

Who was that perfect creature? Sarah was a call girl in London escort agency and she couldn’t find more suitable job for herself. Fucking with other people for money was the best thing in her life, she just loved giving pleasure. She had also one more big asset – she was bisexual and ready for threesomes, orgies and more different forms of sex.

For Sarah the best feeling in the world was having her pussy stuffed with a big dick, slippery tongue or fingers, stretched and penetrated in every little area. She had a very developed imagination, she was ready for everything, because the fact was, that every weird thing was turning her on.

It was a day free of work for Sarah, the agency decided that she deserved it very much, but she was disappointed, because the day without seeing her clients was a wasted day. She turned on the TV and decided to watch porn movie. It was a movie with two girls having sex and one man joining them. When Sarah saw the action in the movie, she got instantly wet. All she wanted then was to slip two of her fingers into her vagina and satisfy herself. She had to make sure no one’s watching her, because she was watching the movie in her friend’s house.

Obviously, she didn’t mind having the audience, but she didn’t think she would be happy to be surprised that way. She slowly unzipped her trousers, took of her pants and uncrossed her legs as much as she could, so her clitoris was on the outside. She pushed her fingers into her pussy and started pushing them in and out and rubbing her clitoris. The second hand was caressing her big breasts and rubbing the nipples. Surprisingly, she felt something else in her vagina. It was her friend’s tongue, slipping into her pussy. Sarah was really turned on by this so she screamed with a pleasure. She bend over to her friend’s head and started navigating her head and tongue.

She decided to undress her, because besides being orally fucked by her, Sarah wanted to feel her breasts and caress and lick her nipples. Sarah’s friend laid down on her and the pleasure was increased. Their naked, sweaty bodies were touching, their wet pussies were more satisfied than ever. When they both came, the phone rang. Sarah was happy to hear that one client specifically asked for her on that day and didn’t take no for an answer. She french kissed her friend goodbye passionately and ensured her that this would be a new tradition and they had to do it more often. Sarah drove her car to the client named Bill.

Bill was the newest client of escorts agency and it was the first time for him with a call girl. He heard so many good things about Sarah, so he decided that he has to fuck her. They were supposed to meet in a bar on the beach. When Sarah saw Bill she was amazed by the way he was looking. Thirty year old guy, with muscular arms, bony cheeks, sexy facial hair- he was everything every woman wished for. He was in shorts and shirtless, so she could admire his big arms, six pack, bony hips and big cock, because apparently he wasn’t wearing any underwear. She assumed he just finished running because he was all sweaty and his skin was glowing. He was also surprised how beautiful woman Sarah was.

She sat down in front of him and smiled. They started conversation and while they were talking Sarah’s leg was closer and closer to Bill’s dick. She started rubbing it harder and harder and just as she felt that his dick was ready for more, she whispered “Sex on the beach?” and her agreed without hesitation. They hid behind bushes and decided to start fucking. Bill picked up Sarah and put her on the warm sand. He unzipped her trousers very quickly and unhooked her bra. She took of his shorts, told him to turned around so she had his anal in front of her face and put his big dick inside her mouth. He shouted with a pleasure and couldn’t help pushing his cock deeper and deeper.

She was licking and sucking his penis and his balls while he was licking her shaved and wet vagina. His tongue was penetrating her very deeply, almost as deeply as she had his dick in her throat. When they both came, they decided to do it one more time, more traditional way. She sat on him and stuffed her vagina with his long hard dick. He grabbed her boobs and started squeezing them.

She was pushing her hips rhythmically and enjoyed being deeply penetrated. When he was about to come, she opened up her mouth, caught his warm, delicious sperm and swallowed it. After that, he put two of his fingers into her vagina, made her come one more time and licked her taste of the fingers. They both smiled and they both knew they weren’t meeting for the last time. Their head was full of images and ideas for the next wild sex.

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