Sex Quiz – What Things Should Men Know?

Most men learn about sex from their parents. They get the lowdown on the so-called birds and bees when they’re in adolescence, and sometimes, those sex conversations are uncomfortable. Kids don’t like to hear about things like this from adults, and that means many boys simply pretend to listen while their parents talk. In addition, parents don’t know everything. As a result, it’s not that unusual for men to know very little about sex and how it works. And sometimes, that ignorance leads to injuries that require intense penis care.

This quiz might help. Each statement is either true or false, and the answers are listed below. Studying the information here might give men the bits of knowledge they need in order to stay safe during sex.

The Statements
1. “If I pull out during sex, I can make sure my female partner won’t get pregnant.”

2. “There’s no need for lubricant. My female partner’s body makes all the slick stuff we need for sex.”

3. “Some types of sexually transmitted diseases are hard to spot, so it’s possible I could have sex with someone who is infected but who looks perfectly healthy.”

4. “The longer my sex sessions go, the better it is for my body.”

The Answers
1. False. While the majority of sperm cells are located in the fluid a man produces during the peak of pleasure, the little droplets of fluid that lubricate his penis for sex might also contain a few errant sperm cells. In addition, ejaculation can happen really quickly, so it’s possible that a man might think he’s pulled out in time when he’s really released a few swimmers before he left the area.

2. Mostly false. While it’s true that a female partner’s body can produce lubrication for intimate episodes, many things can go wrong. She might:

* Be dehydrated, so her body can’t produce the fluids required
* Feel less than aroused, so her lubrication process hasn’t even started
* Have dryness caused by menopause, so she’s not producing many fluids at all
* Be using medications that impact her ability to produce lubricants
* Begin to dry up partway through the action

Since a woman’s ability to keep things smooth can be so variable, it’s best for men to keep lubricants on hand.

3. True. Some types of sexually transmitted diseases cause overt symptoms that are hard to ignore and that won’t go away without treatment. But others can produce a ton of symptoms for awhile, and then produce no symptoms later. Others can hide in a person’s body, never producing symptoms that a guy might spot during sex.

That’s why a visual check of a partner is a terrible way to screen for sexually transmitted diseases. It’s far too easy to overlook problems that could have a big impact on a man’s overall health.

4. Mostly false. Long, tantric sex sessions can sometimes feel wonderful. A man might emerge from these sweaty nights feeling very close to his partner, and he might feel absolutely at peace with his body and mind due to the chemicals released during sex.

But long sessions sometimes come with some complications that can be terrible for the penis. A guy might find that his partner’s body grows drier as the sex goes on, for example, or he might start to feel pain in his groin due to the endless friction of sex.

In general, it’s best for men to listen to their bodies while engaged in sex. Any little twinge of pain should make the sex stop.

And after a sex session like this, men should use a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). These products are designed to help soothe overworked skin, and they have a mix of vitamins that can help damaged tissues to heal. An application after tough sex could make the tool ready to go again in no time.

Visit for more information about treating common penis health problems, including soreness, redness and loss of penis sensation. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.