Sex Scandals in Los Angeles

What is it about the City of Angels? The place is literally crawling with scandal and secret, it’s enough to make you hope that STD testing, Los Angeles is a thorough affair as everyone seems to be at it, from senators and stars to mayors and madams.

Hugh Grant

Arguably the most well-known sex scandal in Hollywood involves bumbling British actor, Hugh Grant and a prostitute named Divine Brown.

On June 27, 1995, Hugh’s parked car attracted the attention of locals after the brake lights on his white BMW kept flashing off and on. The strange behaviour was due to the actor pushing his foot down on the brake pedal, whilst Divine was performing a $ 60 sex act on him. Grant pleaded no contest to the charges, was fined and placed on two year probation. While Hugh’s relationship with Liz Hurley didn’t survive the scandal, Divine went on to make millions. She was able to put her two children through private school through proceeds from the press alone, and her life story now reads like a more x-rated version of Pretty Woman. After a public apology on Jay Leno and a donation to an AIDs charity, Hugh’s career also survived the scandal and the star went onto make a string of great movies. We just hope that Hugh showed some responsibility and undertook STD testing, Los Angeles after the infamous tryst.

Donald Sterling

He may own the Los Angeles Clippers but we certainly hope that Donald Sterling knows a few things about STD testing, Los Angeles after it emerged that he regularly paid a Beverley Hills woman for unprotected sex. The real estate mogul has been sued numerous times for sexual harassment and one former employee described his general aggressiveness towards women in a lawsuit against his company. Sterling was also prosecuted for housing discrimination after refusing to rent to non-Koreans in Koreatown and African-Americans in Beverly Hills. The racist real estate mogul said that he didn’t like to rent to Hispanics because they “smoke, drink and just hang around the building,” and that “Black tenants smell and attract vermin.”

Donald Sterling even made his escort bring in certificates from her STD testing, Los Angeles, to confirm that she was HIV negative so that he could carry on having unprotected sex with both her and his wife.

Heidi Fleiss

If there’s someone that knows the importance of STD testing, Los Angeles it’s Heidi Fleiss. She may have recently appeared on the British version of Celebrity Big Brother, but here in the States she’s better known as the Madam of a high class prostitution ring. Heidi made her first million after just four months in the business, and once told journalists that on the slowest night of her company’s existence she still earned $ 10,000. All that success meant that Heidi could be extra fussy about the girls that worked for her, and her business attracted a number of big name clients in the showbiz world. When quizzed on TV to name some of her regulars, Heidi stated that it wasn’t her style. She believes that it was jealousy that led to her arrest in 1993, something she still very much feels that her competitors were behind. Heidi was arrested on multiple charges in 1993, sentenced to 37 months in prison and her appeal bond was set at $ 200,000. Fleiss plans to open a brothel in Nevada in the near future, where she will be in competition with her fianc√©, Dennis Hof, owner of Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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