Sex With a Yeast Infection – Sorry But You Have to Avoid Sex to Cure a Yeast Infection

When people search on the phrase ‘sex with a yeast infection’ it’s not really clear if they mean ‘is it okay to have sex with a yeast infection?’ or, ‘I get an infection every time I have sex.’ Here I’ll cover both these scenarios and give you the facts on why you need to cut-out sex if you want to clear that nasty infection.

Let me be clear from the start, sex is not an actual cause of yeast infection. But, and it’s a big ‘but,’ sex can definitely ‘transfer’ the infection to your partner. And, worse than that, it can get transferred back again. This can go on, back and forth, as long as you keep on having sex.

Let’s now see why sex actually does this. A key reason is that sperm can alter the body pH in the vagina and under the foreskin. And, the act itself can damage and tear the soft tissues both in the male and female.

The problem is that the yeast-like fungus that causes yeast infection (Candida Albicans) loves to reside in warm, moist areas of the body, it loves to take up house in damaged tissue, and, it can grow and spread when the pH balance of the body is upset.

So you can see that if one partner has an infection then it is so easy to transfer it to the other through sex. And once it takes hold there, it can easily be transferred back again. When this point is reached it can be extremely difficult to cure yeast infection because it is always being ‘aided’ by the sex.

So the very first step, when you know that even one of you has an infection, is to stop all sexual contact. And avoid sex until both parties’ infections have been completely cleared up.

But because a healthy sex life is very important to very many people, especially in loving relationships, it’s also vital that any yeast infection remedy should be as fast as possible, as well as effective…

The problem with everyday medications you get over-the-counter or by prescription, is that they only address the local symptoms, not the root causes. These are things like; a lowered immune system, antibiotics overuse, high blood sugar (diet, diabetes), hormonal changes (pregnancy, etc.), some drugs, etc.

So that when you come off the meds, because you symptoms have gone, there’s nothing to prevent your infection re-occurring. And the fungus can become drug-resistant come time.

This is why women and men with yeast infections are increasingly turning very successfully to totally natural remedies without the negative aspects of drugs. What’s more, many of these report success in as little as 12 hours.

So next, to discover how these women have stopped getting yeast infections with sex please now go to and get the facts.