Shhh Dating South @ John The Unicorn

Shhh Dating South @ John The Unicorn
Shhh Dating is London's favourite alternative dating event as recommended by TimeOut What's it all about? Shhh is about meeting new people in a playful but meaningful way. It's about creating an opportunity to spark new romantic connections in a non-pressured environment. It's about having an entertaining evening out with others looking for the same things as you. Who is it for? It's for professional Londoners in their 20s and 30s (we are lauching other age groups in 2017, follow us @shhhdating to stay in the loop), who want to meet meeting other eligible, like-minded humans in person. No need to waste hours navigating the endless smoke and mirrors of dating sites and apps. You don't need to be a particular sort of person to come, just open-minded, playful and the tiniest bit adventurous.  Why is it unique and awesome? It's unique and awesome because it strips away the posturing of online dating or other speed-dating events. Without words, it's hard for people to pretend to be something they're not and Shhh offers a different way to meet and connect with people. Most importantly, it's fun and completely non-pressured.   Is it true there's no talking? Yes there are parts of the night where you are invited to leave words behind though there are other times where you are welcome to talk. And at the end there's always pleanty to talk about! How does it work? Our excellent hosts lead you through a warm up round of non-verbal flirting games. In the second half you get 2 minutes eye gazing with each person at the end you decide who you would like to see again romantically. We email you your matches within 48 hours. Can I drink? Yup, there's a bar open all night. Why without words? The eyes are the window to the soul and scientists have shown that prolonged eye contact can lead to people falling in love. We spend so much time talking, this is a chance to drop the words and tune in to people in a different way. There's plenty of time to talk at the end of the night. No matter if you make a romantic connection or not, people always leave our events feeling warm, relaxed and happy. Do you do other events? We also run Shhh Party events which are non verbal flirting nights without eye gazing. This event is more structured. Check out our other event dates here Tickets £20 per person or £17.50 when you buy with a friend of the opopsite sex Timing Entry and registration from 7pm, the event starts at 7:30pm and we are finished by 9:30pm when we pla some tunes and you can relax wit hthe people you've just met or head off into the night as you prefer. We email you your matched within 48 hours. 4 Things That Make Shhh Dating Totally Unique 1 No talking All of our events have periods without talking. Because we talk all the time, because talking can get in the way, because we are tired of hearing the same old stuff. The truth is we are way bigger and more mysterious than can be said in a few minutes of talking (or a few pixels on  a dating app for that matter). Without talking (just for a bit) there’s space to really meet.  People who meet and date from events tend to have longer and more meaningful connections. We want to know who is the person behind all the talking, and at the end of the night there is always plenty to talk about. 2 Eye Gazing At all our events we do some eye gazing. There’s a reason they say the eyes are the window to the soul.  Eye gazing can make people fall in love in just a few minutes, it deepens bonds and it’s a great way to meet a potential mate. People can see the best in you through your eyes. We are the only dating company in the World that does this.  3 Playfuness We love to play. Over the last 4 years we have created clever courting games to get you warmed up, happy and in the zone. Our expert hosts will have you at ease and playfully meeting and greeting each other like pros.  The games are fun, easy and at Shhh Parties can take you to surprisingly delicious places. 4 You will Feel Great At The End Shhh Dating helps you to stretch your awareness, sensitivity and even your sensuality in a way that will leave you more empowered in all your future romances. Our hosts make an atmos of playfulness and respect so that you are always treated right. You may meet the love of your life and live happily ever after – even if you don’t you will leave feeling great and in better shape for your next liaison.
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