Soho Knows by Twice Shy Theatre

Soho Knows by Twice Shy Theatre
Soho Knows by Twice Shy Theatre As darkness falls, Soho springs to life. Generation upon generation of dealers, drop-outs and delinquents, prostitutes, pimps and miscreants have made her streets their playground. But now a shadow looms over the underbelly of London; a shadow darker than that cast by its shady denizens. Soon the glitter in her gutter will be washed away forever and her peccadilloes will fade from the memory of all but a chosen few. You are the few. This is her wake. Rally and weep. Laugh and remember. Twice Shy Theatre delve into Soho’s shadows in search of her light. Mixing shadow puppetry, improvised narrative and dark, live electronic music, Soho Knows pays tribute to the Capital’s unofficial capital with stories from her past, characters from her present and visions of her future. Zoie Kennedy is an actress and story-teller on a pioneering quest to explore the healing power of story. Desmond O’Connor is a multi-award winning composer and musician. Drew Colby is an internationally renowned shadow puppeteer who has been thrilling audiences with his work for over 30 years. Together with a hand plucked selection of very special guests they will escort you on a shared journey whose route and destination will only be truly discovered with every step that is taken. Soho Knows will feature perverted puppetry, irreverent song, celluloid treasures and opportunities for live erotic life drawing and photography. Seated tickets may be purchased in advance. Ambulant onlookers may donate on the day.
starting on 2016-12-02 19:00:00

Carnesky’s Finishing School
The Basement , 6-12 Manette Street
United Kingdom