Some Interesting Facts About New Zealand

There is a history behind the discovery of the name New Zealand. In the year 1642, Dutch sailor Abel Tasman was the first European to discover the country. He mistook the place as an island in Chile. After realizing the mistake ‘Nova Zeelandia’ was the name that was given. Later, the famous explorer Captain James Cook gave the name New Zealand and in this way the country got its name.

Apart from a wonderful mystery behind the discovery of its name New Zealand also is a beautiful country that will mesmerize you with all its beauty. Getting here is easy as there are various flights that operate from all the major countries. Cruising can also be one of the best ways to reach to the land of kiwis. There are nine major ports in New Zealand where cruises from various countries arrive.

You can enjoy your Luxury New Zealand Holidays by roaming in some of the most interesting places like Auckland Zoo, Sky Tower, Star dome Observatory, Waitomo Caves and much more. But you should know some important and interesting facts about this country that will make tour visit all the more special. Given below are some of them.

For every individual, the country produces 100kg of butter and 65kg of cheese every year.

The country holds the record for winning the maximum number of gold medals per head.

One can find here a place with the longest name in the world that is Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwenuakitanatahu. It is a hill station that is located in Porangahau.

Only five percent of the total population comprises of human. Rest of the population is dominated by sheep.

The value of $ 43 in the year 1984 was equal to the value of $ 100 today.

This country is home to Hectors Dolphin which is the smallest dolphin in the world, the rarest sea lion that is Hookers Sea Lion and the heaviest insect Weta. Also one can find here some of the rarest bird species in this country.

All the mentioned facts in the aforesaid mentioned paragraph are really interesting and is bound to make you more inquisitive on visiting New Zealand.

Climate of New Zealand is strikingly different in the northern and southern parts of the country. In the northern most regions, it has a subtropical weather during the summer season and freezing cold during winters. The other part of the country that is in the southernmost region the temperature drops. July is one of the coldest months where the temperature hovers around 10 to 15 degree where as the months of January and February remains warm.

You cannot roam a country until and unless you have a good accommodation options or a place to reside in that falls within your budget range. In New Zealand there accommodation is available in various forms such as Hotels, Apartments, Bed & Breakfast, Farmstays, Holiday Homes, Motels and Luxury Lodge. It all depends on the tourists and his or her preference and standard of living that where he or she is going to reside.

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