Stockings And Lingerie Are They Worth It?

The sight of a womans legs encased in stockings, does a male find a certain sexual arousal from that sight? Our recent online survey results may be worth reviewing then.

I recently did a poll and was quite surprised at the results.

About 32% of the men I polled prefer their women in either nothing, their tee shirt and boxers or boy shorts and a tank top. They found sexy lingerie a waste of time and money. My reaction to this is that these guys are totally non-romantic nor do they have any imagination. Which opens up a number of other questions about their abilities.

Thankfully the remaining 68 percent were strongly in support of having a woman dress up for him. Responses ranged from French maids, to escorts, and even one response that said he loved it when his wife dressed as a team mascot. That response is for another time I think. But, the overwhelming leader was that men love to see the woman dressed in her favourite lingerie, stockings, and garter belt. They claim that when dressed like this, the woman is far more confident and receptive.

It was quite enlightening to find out that for many of the respondents, all their partner had to do was phone them and mention what they would be wearing, or flash the top of the stocking when getting in to the car, and they were quite beside themselves. Quite frankly at that point they said she could ask for anything, and it would be hers. Since we were on the topic of stockings, I did ask what their favourites were:

Number one was the seamed stockings, they quite enjoyed looking from the heel of the shoe vertically up the back of the leg. Number two was fishnets and thirdly silk.

The consensus of the men seemed to be that the type of stocking was not the important part of the equation. What they liked was that stockings made their imaginations work overtime, wondering what was inside or left to discover. All the men liked the feel of their hand on a silk stocking clad leg as it was a very sensual feeling. If, buy lucky chance they got a glimpse of the stocking top, they were practically in heaven

For all you ladies that like to do something special for yourself and your man, 68% of them will appreciate your efforts. It is worthwhile to talk about to ensure you are not wasting your time effort getting ready for those special evenings. When you feel sexy you are sexy so be confident in your choices, play a little and get some variety and then watch the sparks fly.

Next month, look for our article on Pin Up Girls, well try and explain what made those women so sexy.

J.A. Alekseev is considered an expert in intimate apparel. The author has recently branched out to North America after opening a number of intimate lingerie stores in Europe. Visit this experts blog at buy stockings online.