Stop the Internet Marketing Insantity!

Most people become interested the promoting their business on the Internet because of the simplicity and the power of reaching millions of people.

Many of us decided to utilize the power of the Internet to market our products and services because it is supposes to be fun, exciting and the perfect home business.

What happened?

Why can’t 98% of Internet Marketers earn a living from their online business efforts? This is a mind-blowing reality! Most Internet Marketers, even after spending hundreds or possibly thousands of dollar on Internet Marketing ebooks, courses and seminars do not earn a penny – even a year later after being exposed to all this material.

Internet Marketers are left confused, frustrated and disappointed.

Wannabee successful Internet Marketers are purchasing IM courses costing $ 1,000 to $ 5,000. People are spending $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 for a seat at an Internet Marketing seminar! Basic IM Ebooks are costing $ 47 to $ 197!

This is INSANE!

Are you starting to see “Who” is making the money?

This is something most history books don’t tell you. Thousands of men from all over the country road west to pan for GOLD. They were excited. Even with all that excitement and desire to strike it rich – only a few men struck it rich – most didn’t earn enough to keep a bird alive.

Most men went broke buying tools, survival gear, prostitutes and more expensive food, etc.

Do you know who “really” got rich during the “Gold-Rush”?

You got it! It was those selling the excited men their pans, shovels, picks, Levis jeans, prostitutes, camping gear and food.

Sound familiar?

A few Internet Marketing “gurus” are earning millions of dollars selling YOU their “can’t-succeed-without” products and seminars. They discovered there is more money to be made selling shovels and pans to the men who are trying to get rich.

Agan, stop the Insanity!

Do you think the so-called “gurus” want you to know their real secrets? If you knew – then you wouldn’t need them, would you? Think about it . . . why would any successful person sell you their most guarded secrets? Remember, these are money making secrets that made him/her rich? The answer is no sane business person would.

Companies like Coca Cola keep their secret recipe in a secret vault. The location of the vault is only known by one or two men in the entire world. Why don’t they sell their secret recipe that made the company billions? Because that would be very stupid.

The main thing to learn is this; Don’t be fooled by those who say they are selling YOU their success secrets. Usually, the secrets are not really secrets or the promoter would make more money by selling it because it isn’t something that would not take-away from their overall profits anyway.

Sometimes the product or (secret) is out-dated and that so-called product is being trashed anyway – so why not sell it? Hmmmm… isn’t like a garage sale?

I have been snooping and spying on nearly all the known so-called Internet Marketing “gurus” for several years. There are many dishonest so-called “gurus” withing the IM industry – just like any industry. If you’re seeking a mentor, then it is very important to choose the right one. You must know who to trust and who can harm you. Don’t spend your hard earned money on trash anymore.

I have made notes on most of their expensive (over-priced) courses and seminars. I give them to my friends to help put them on the right path.

Good news – there are a hand-full of honest IM gurus that provide quality content. I know who they are. Come grab a few top notch Internet Marketing secrets for FREE. I want to help you – not rob you.

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