Sydney Brothels and the Sydney Adult Entertainment Industry

The adult entertainment industry in Sydney is alive and kicking. There are a large number of brothels, strip clubs, escort agencies and adult stores located in the CBD and across the suburbs of Sydney. These establishments cater for a whole range of activities and individual tastes, and it would be difficult not to find something to suit everyone. As with all businesses there are the good operators and the not so good, but how can you differentiate between the two.
As with all businesses there are some simple indicators that can help you decide where you want to spend your hard earned. A good place to start your search is to simply ask around. People are usually reasonably open to sharing their experiences both good and bad if you simply ask. Word of mouth is still the best and most efficient method of getting reliable information about the services offered, value for money, and level of service offered by these establishments.
Another excellent source of information is the internet. Searches on Google can help you refine you search to a given geographical area or a specific budget level you have in mind, or a specific product or service that you are looking for. Most Sydney brothel and escort websites have advertised rates so that you know before you visit how much you can expect to pay, however you also need to lookout for any specials being offered, or deals for regulars that the establishment might have on offer at any given time. If you plan to use these services often, then if may be a good idea to subscribe to the website where this is offered, as information on promotions and special deals is often delivered via the subscriber list.
Getting a feel for a brothel or escort agency can be as simple as giving them a call. A well-spoken and helpful receptionist can make all the difference to your decision about whether or not to visit. Don’t be afraid to be upfront with the receptionist and ask them any questions that you feel justified, but remember that if you expect to be treated well in any situation then you must return the favour, be respectful and courteous at all times.
Something that really only applies to brothels in this case, is the state of repair of the building itself. Needless to say, that if the brothel management spends some time and effort in keeping up the appearance of the building then that care will be reflected in the rest of the way the brothel is operated.

Sydney Brothels
There are quite literally dozens of brothels operating in Sydney, catering for all tastes and budgets, and this number is growing steadily. Sydney brothels are rated as some of the best the world has to offer and this is probably due to number a factors we have in our favour.
Firstly brothels are legal in Sydney as long as you adhere to some Local, Federal and State Government rules. Legalisation of brothels has meant that they now operate as any commercial entity would, and that means that competition plays an important part in the success of these establishments. Competition in the marketplace is reflected in the luxurious nature of many of the brothels in Sydney as well as the upmarket services offered by most. Legalisation and a general upgrading of the whole industry have meant that it now attracts a different kind of workforce. The better regulated and consequently more professional outlook the industry has taken is reflected in a more professional and diverse workforce. Sex workers in Sydney brothels may be university students, or local or travelling professionals looking for a different lifestyle, or perhaps or even those that have chosen the profession as a clear career path. Whatever the makeup of the sex workers in any Sydney brothel, the reality is that a diverse workforce has been good for the brothels, good for the industry and inevitably good for the client.
Australia is a multi-cultural country and that cultural diversity is reflected in the incredible mixture of different races in our population. Nowhere is this more evident than in Sydney. People from all over the world are attracted here by their thousands to our open and easy lifestyle. As a consequence of this, the workforce in Sydney brothels also reflects this cultural diversity with many establishments specialising in offering the services of specific ethnic groups.
Sydney is an incredibly safe city, and in real terms this means that people are able to move through most of the city, during all times of the day and night in safety. So regardless of where brothels are located either in the CBD or suburbs, then sex workers and patrons can be relatively assured of their personal safety when accessing services offered by Sydney brothels.
By far the biggest advantage that Sydney brothels have over their competition is Sydney girls. Sydney girls are in our opinion, the most beautiful, the most desirable and the most fun loving of any girls in the world. Our amazing weather and our outdoor beach lifestyle means that Sydney is awash with adventurous outgoing beach babes, always looking for a new experience. Sydney brothels and Sydney girls, a great mix and a formula for adventure that will surely surpass any experience or fantasy you’ve had to date.

Quick points to remember when visiting a Sydney Brothel
1. Shop around to get the price that suits you, and don’t be afraid to ask for any special deals of offers.
2. Most Sydney brothels accept all major credit cards, cash and EFTPOS, but whatever method of payment you decide to use make sure you have means of payment with you. Make sure you don’t leave your wallet or bag with your cash or cards in the car, or the hotel or at home otherwise you will be going home disappointed.
3. If you know the lady you wish to see and you know what time you will visit the brothel then call ahead and make a booking. Different ladies work different shifts during any week and from week to week so you can’t always be sure that the lady you saw during the day last week is not working nights this week. Making a booking is the smart move if you want to make sure that your Sydney brothel experience is a positive one.
4. Be kind, respectful and courteous to everyone at the brothel. Every person has the right to be treated with respect at their place of business, and a Sydney brothel is no exception. Treat people with kindness and consideration and you will be rewarded with that treatment in return.
5. If you have enjoyed your experience at the Sydney Brothel then please leave some positive feedback. This can be done verbally by passing on your positive comments personally to the lady or to the receptionist, or by sending an email or SMS, or some Sydney brothel website allow for this kind of feedback to be posted on their site. A lot of people are very ready to criticise and complain when things don’t go exactly to plan, but very few are nearly as forthcoming with praise when their experiences exceed expectations.
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