Thai Massage in Auckland

Thai Massage is nectar to quench the thirst of three beings i.e. body, mind and soul present in all of us. As Yoga nourishes and purifies us Thai Massage also bestows us with the same level of tranquility. It rejuvenates the self in you. The rich tradition inherited by the land of smiles Thailand is spreading its fervor around the globe. Driven by the Asian medicine and Buddhist Philosophy it brings the unique style of natural therapy. Healing through Thai Massage is symbolic of spiritual synergy that enlightens the inner soul. The Massage starts and ends traditionally with a soulful prayer. Nuat Phaen Boran is the actual name of massage in Thai language meaning the traditional massage. Some people confuse this pious massage with other erotic massages delivered in the hotels & parlors but we would like to aware you that traditional massage is not at all influenced with the western standards of sex theory. Thai Massage is perfect union of yoga, acupressure and reflexology.

The ancient massage took birth nearly 2500 years ago with its inception by Buddha’s physician Shivago Komarpaj. The Massage is a totally oil free ailing treatment. Some practitioners may use certain herbs to speed up the healing process. The massage is carried out in a simpler way starting with the massage of feet and continuing through all body parts with various Yoga and other similar postures. The practitioner will stretch the body using your hands and feet. Various acupressure points are pressed to revitalize the life forces. It nearly takes two hours to complete the massage with varied movements & postures making it a mystic experience.

Indulgence in Thai Massage will bestow upon you the following benefits:
* Healthy Body: Tight muscles loosen with a two hour healing massage. The energy pathways called sen are pressed for the free flow of life forces (air). The concept is similar to acupressure. The magical massage blesses you with a soft and healthy body along with a new transformation.

* Sharp Mind: The busy buzz makes your life cumbersome resulting in the slowing down or exhaustion of mind. Thai Massage helps you to relax your nerves ensuring a good flow of blood throughout the body. A break with Thai Massage will help you regain your original form after finishing the tiring to do lists.

* Peaceful Soul: Thai Massage gives you time and opportunity to talk to your own soul. The body is run by soul & thus must be nourished well. The Yoga and similar other postures help you to meditate and draw you closer to conscience teaching the inner meaning of life. Such experiences teach you to live a more fundamental & natural life.

Unwind yourself after the stressful schedules of busy life with the nourishing and illuminating Thai Massage. It helps you identify your inner nature with its spiritual healing treatment. In a nut shell Thai Massage is a non sexual traditional therapy that gives you relief from worldly tensions & helps you maintain a healthy life.

Thai Kingdom Massage provides authentic Thai Massage & Therapeutic Massages for those clients who wish to maintain good health.