Thai Massage Makes You Both Energized And Relaxed

If you have thought about getting a massage lately, you may have noticed that there are more choices than ever as to the types offered. It can be almost overwhelming. Some therapies are relatively new while others have been around since antiquity and are just now become popular again. One of these later types of massages is Thai massage which is also called Thai yoga massage.

The roots of Thai massage is in the Buddhist temples of the country. In the beginning, treatments were given by Buddhist nuns and monks and they were considered to be a spiritual practice. As Buddhism itself, the massage came to Thailand from India and has as its focus the opening of the prana, or energy, of the body.

As with the meridians used in the acupuncture of Chinese medicine, prana is thought to flow in line of energy. As a practitioner performs the Thai yoga massage, he or she opens up any energy blockages that are in those lines. Once the balance of energy is restored, the client will feel better overall and may also find that medical problems are improved.

The reason this therapy is called yoga is because it has more in common with assisted yoga than it does with massage as that word is typically used. A primary part of the therapy is stretching and the practitioner achieves this by helping the client into various yoga poses. This type of stretching is one way in which the energy blockages can be opened.

Acupressure also plays a part in this therapy. By applying pressure to certain points, energy blockages can be removed. In addition, the points can be used to both balance the energy in general as well as to resolve specific conditions. This is common to other forms of acupressure as well.

The therapy came into being thousands of years ago but had not been used much for quite a while. Although some people were advertising Thai massage, it was usually not in its original or pure form. In some areas, Asian massage had become a euphemism that implied incorrect practices which further confused people. Recently, however, traditional Thai yoga massage is being practiced once again.

There are spas that offer this kind of massage but in some it is performed on a massage table. This has the effect of limiting what can be done. If possible, it is best to get your treatment on the floor on a mat so that you can get the benefit of all the stretching. If it is not possible, you will still benefit greatly from table treatments.

Many benefits can be received from Thai yoga treatments. As with other kinds of massages, you should at least feel more relaxed following your treatments. In addition to feeling relaxed, you will often feel energized at the same time. Aches and pains can disappear, circulation can be improved and an health improved overall.

If you have never tried a Thai massage, look for a practitioner in your area. It is definitely worth trying out. You may even find that you prefer these treatments to the typical relaxation or Swedish massage that are more often offered.

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