Thai Massage Therupy

Tai massage therupy originated in Tailand and is also known as Nuat phaen boran- which means ancient massage. Thai massage targets circulation and pressure points. Through peripheral stimulation, the muscle flexability and internal health are improved. The hands, elbows, knees, and feet are used.

Thai massage is a very ancient art based on the Ayurveda. It has its origins in India and became popular in Siam (now known as Thailand). This massage technique is used in conjunction with yoga positions. This means that the patient has the advantage of benifiting from both of these techniques.

While undergoing this massage treatment, the patient is put into many yoga positions. There are 2 different styles of Thai massage.The Northern style emphasises stretching movements, and the Southern style uses more pressure.

The patient lies down on a mat or firm matress on the floor. They should be dressed in loose comfortable clothes. The therupy is done either alone or in groups. Mainly hands, elbows, and knees are used, but in some styles, the feet can be used as well. Firm rhythmic pressure is applied to the patient’s entire body. The whole body can also be stretched. Fingers, ears, and toes may be pulled, knuckles cracked and the therupist may even walk on a patient’s back. This massage therupy uses the natural energy lines of the body.

The entire session can last quite a while, often up to 2 hours and above. This original massage therupy is a serious treatment and should not be confused with the massage, bearing the same name, that is used as a sexual massage.

Purposes of Thai massage include:

* Adjusting the skeltal structure
* Increasing flexibility
* Muscle and joint tension relief
* Balances the body’s energy
* Stimulates the internal organs. This is aceived by putting pressure on peripheral reflex points
* Relives tension
* Releases toxins from the body

This massage therupy is also very relaxing. In fact you get many of the benefits of yoga without putting so much effort into the procedure. Like yoga, Thai massage envelopes your whole body and mind, allowing you to see the big picture and improve your health both mentally and physically.

There are no age restrictios on this massage therupy and it can benifit young and old alike. In this age of stress and excessive tension this ancient threrupy comes as a welcome relief to all our stress and constant rushing about. So next time you find yourself stressed out and harrased by life’s problems, forget about them for a little while when you relax with a Thai massage.

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