The 4 Hidden Dangers of Using an Adult Friend Finder

One of the biggest problems men face is trying to meet women just for sex.

While you might want a relationship or love, there are some moments when you just want to get laid.

That’s why many guys use an adult friend finder to meet women. If you never heard of it before, let me explain how these sites works…

Similar to an online dating site, an adult friend finder requires you to create a profile based off your sexual preferences. Then you can contact women and set up a potential intimate encounter.

In theory it’s a unique way for people to meet and have “no strings attached” sex. Unfortunately there are a few dangers when using these services. In the next couple of paragraphs, I’ll list a few ways you can protect yourself when you use an adult friend finder:

1- Know what you want

A common pitfall when using these sites is to not clearly describe what you want. For instance, many guys state they want a quick encounter and then end up trying to build a relationship with a woman after hooking up.

The women on these sites are looking for a variety of things. Some want discreet sex, while others are looking for a relationship. If you don’t want things to go badly, you should only contact women who match your expectations.

2- Watch out for scams

The Internet is filled with scam artists, especially online dating sites. So it’s important to be cautious when utilizing an adult friend finder.

Some of the scams can include: fake profiles which direct you to porn sites, women who want to “meet up” but need money for “transportation” or simply girls who are prostitutes.

Always use your common sense when using these sites. If something looks suspicious, it’s probably a scam.

3- Be safe

Always remember that an adult friend finder website is filled with strangers. While most women are normal on this site, you’ll find there are some wackos who present a potential danger. So it’s important to not give away too much information before meeting a woman.

Also you should ALWAYS use protection if you have sex with one of these women. Just remember you don’t know how many guys she’s met online or how many partners she’s had in her lifetime.

4- Be better at flirting and seduction

While it’s fairly easy to meet women using an adult friend finder, it’s often difficult to “close the deal” when meeting a woman. In fact, there are many guys who have a “sure thing” but manage to mess it up by not knowing how to behave around a woman.

Even though you might meet a woman for sex on one of these sites, there is no guarantee that it’ll happen. When you meet her in person, you should follow the same flirting and seduction skills that you use when you meet women “offline”.

Meeting women via an adult friend finder can be a great way to have a quick intimate encounter. If you heed my warnings and know how to attract women with these sites, you’ll suddenly find yourself with a selection of attractive women who want sex!

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