The Art Of Rug Making

Rug making is an art itself; it involves different techniques of blending fabrics and colors to bring out the best design in each rug. This involves the technique of weaving, hooking, braiding, and prodding. In addition to these several techniques is with the use of machines. Each of this techniques bring out the elegance and fascinating look of every rugs made, charming enough to caught the attention of the market.

Weaving is done by alternating two different kind of cloth and putting it into an angle which would later on form into a new shape of cloth which is then called rug. It is quite easy to do this and just by weaving we can now make our own rugs. It does not require you to buy fabric because for as long as you have unused clothing in your house which has been dumped for a long time, why not make use of it this time and transform it into your very own weaved rugs. At first, you may find it tough to make a durable rug but as you continue making rugs it would then be as easy as 123.

The art of weaving is being practiced during the early times by the ordinary people, in which they would use natural resources that they could grasp around them such as grasses or leaves. With these tools they would create not just rugs but other ornaments as well. Up to this day the process of weaving has been constantly expanding catering not only weaved fabrics but other stuff like metals, rubbers are being weaved as well with the use of an instrument that is strong enough to handle metals and rubbers. Weaving industry is definitely soaring high with its results; products are definitely of high value.

Another way of making rugs is done by hooking; strands of fabric are being pulled from a base of linen or other clothing in order to create a rug. You can actually visualize it as doing cross stitch, since it’s quite similar. However, this technique is showing off a lot of art since you have to pull the right fabric at the right angle for a design to appear just as you wanted. As of today rug hooking has been wide spread and its making its own name in the industry due to the creative minds of our rug hookers.

Braiding rugs is actually considered as one of the easiest way to make rugs since it does not require a lot of skills for it’s just like braiding the hair of your daughter or your younger sister, the catch would be you will braiding fabric or used clothing to create a new set of rugs. Another technique would be prodding, in this technique you will need burlap or a flexible base where the strands of wool would be placed on. Prodding all this wool fabric would allow you to create your very own prodded rugs.

Indeed there are a lot of ways to create rugs, it is not limited to one single technique nor to weaving, hooking, braiding and prodding alone because rug making is of wide range depending on how we would want our rugs to appear.

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