The Benefits of Adult Day Care

Have you thought about adult day care for your senior loved ones? Adult day care can be the perfect way for your loved ones to get the care, supervision and social interaction that they need while you get the time that you need to work or meet other family obligations. Senior day care can do a lot of good both for you and for your elderly loved ones. If you’re on the fence about putting your elderly loved ones in adult day care consider all of these benefits of adult day care:

One of the things that older people miss the most once they retire or become ill is a sense of purpose, a reason to get up in the morning. Spending day after day at home alone waiting for family or friends to come by can become isolating and can leave your loved one at risk of developing depression. Enrolling your adult loved one in senior day care can restore a sense of purpose to their lives and give them a reason to be excited about getting up every day.

Another is providing supervision. Many seniors are capable of staying in their own homes longer if they have periods of supervision, it’s being alone 24 hours a day that makes them more likely to have an accident in the home. Getting out of the house and being in a supervised setting with other seniors gives seniors a chance to remain independent for longer.

Adult Day Care also benefits nutrition. Many seniors end up not cooking nutritious meals for themselves because they don’t want to eat alone, or they don’t want to make a full meal just for themselves, or because they don’t feel confident using the stove or cooking with heavy pots and pans. When your loved ones are attending adult day care you can be confident that they are getting at least one nutritious meal each day.

Respite for you- Don’t feel bad about needing time for yourself. You can’t be the only support for your elderly loved ones, especially if you have a job or a family of your own at home that need you. It’s ok to say that you need time for yourself. Senior day care can give you the freedom to work all day without having to worry about whether or not your elderly loved ones are ok. Senior day care also gives you the freedom to take care of any errands or other family obligations that you have. Or you can just take a spa day once and awhile to restore your own mental and physical health.

Elderly people need mental stimulation and often they don’t get enough. Activities, crafts, trips, and just being around other people can help your loved ones exercise their mental muscles so that they will stay sharp and alert for longer. Studies have shown that seniors that don’t get enough social interaction lose their mental faculties at a much faster rate than seniors that have strong social ties and get out of the house for activities and social occasions regularly.

Article by Dave Morrow, Internet Marketer of For over 20 years Eldercare has provided an affordable Home Health Care for individuals wishing to remain in their homes while enhancing their quality of life.