The Dating Rituals Of Modern Muslims Explained

Muslims in Islamic countries are very strict on the relationships that younger generations have with one another. Essentially- dating in the western sense if forbidden. But there are a few alternatives to the strict Muslim practices that have given youth the ability to network socially without breaking any Muslim rules or laws.

Islam Muslims are very logical in their way of marriage decisions. It is typical for a Muslim to be paired with a mate based on their parent’s decision, of whom will find a mate based on compatibility. This seeks to erase any chance that romance will blind the decisions of the youth when deciding on a mate, and will thus lead to a better marriage.

In the world of modern Muslims, however, dating is starting to become more and more acceptable. American Muslims are far more likely to engage in unlawful dating than Islamic Muslims, although modern Muslims everywhere are starting to become somewhat more lenient overall. Yet, there are lawful ways for Muslims to date.

Still other Muslims will commonly practice Muslim traditions on holidays, while still obeying other Muslim laws that do not pertain to dating. This is considered unlawful, however, but it is becoming more common in American Muslims who have already been proven to be more lenient to western civilization.

The most popular form of dating that has become available to the Muslim communities is Halal dating. Halal dating is a form of dating that involves an introduction between friends or family members. The two parties involved will make phone calls or conduct Internet conversations to get to know each other better on a one to one level.

In some cases, Halal dating will even mean that Muslims can go out on real dates. However, strict Muslim practice often demands that the dates be chaperoned or otherwise accompanied by escorts. This helps protect youth from violating any Muslim laws that are in effect, as youth often have an impaired sense of judgment.

Because of the upbringing of this new form of dating, there have been a large number of social networking websites available for Muslims in particular. These dating websites allow Muslims to connect much as previously described, and the best part is that it is permissive by Islam. Although for strict Muslims, this form of dating may not be allowed and should not be practiced without the consent of one’s parents- so as to not start any arguments or violate any laws parents may have set in stone.

Overall, Muslim dating can be a very confusing process. Muslims are very particular in whom they choose for their children, and the process can take lengthy periods of time. But as modern Muslims are starting to rearrange laws for their own liking, modern forms of dating have now become fine with some Islam traditions. Online dating specifically geared towards the Muslim community is a good start for those who are looking to good alternatives to the normal way of dating.

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