The Home Health Aide Career

A career as a home health aide (HHA) can be very rewarding, especially if you are the kind of person who enjoys taking care of others. If you are a nurturing person who receives a sense of fulfillment while doing things for other people when they are unable to care for themselves you will be a great asset to a home health care company.

An HHA assists people who cannot do certain things for themselves. The people who require some assistant would likely be ill, elderly or disabled. They may need a home health aide for an extended period of time or on a short-term basis.

The person that requires the assistance of a home health aide on a short-term basis is generally someone who is recovering from an illness or a surgical procedure. This would likely be just until they get back on their feet and can be independent again. The aide assistance is generally needed in a person’s own home.

HHA may assist the person with getting washed and dressed, helping with personal grooming, assisting the person in and out of the bed or the chair, preparing their meals and/or simple housekeeping. The aide may change the sheets on the bed, vacuum, iron, dust, wash dishes and/or shop for the person in need.

A person may hire a home aide to drive them and escort them to medical appointments or run errands. Not only is this very helpful to them, but a home health aide provides companionship as well.

To become a health aide you would need to apply for the position through an agency that specializes in health care, which employs nurses, nursing assistants and home health care aides. Requirements to become a home health aide vary in each state, however, the agency that you apply at often has a course that you can take through them to fulfill these requirements.

The job outlook in the health care field is almost always in demand. Outside facilities, such as a hospital, residential care home, group home, nursing home and assisted living facilities are costly. If only the assistance of housekeeping, cooking, running errands and grooming is needed a person would likely choose this option as opposed to the other choices for their parent or loved one.

An elderly person may not need what a nursing facility provides with the exception of a little extra help around their home or with their personal care. It would not be cost effective to them to reside in a nursing facility so they choose a home health service to meet their needs.

Most people enjoy staying in their homes and being as independent as possible for as long as they possibly can. This is where a home health aide can help them to accomplish this.

A career as a home health aide requires you to enjoy dealing with people, as this is the main part of this type of work. As well, being a kind, thoughtful and patient person will serve you well in this type of work.

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