The Importance of Proper Discipline Among Bodybuilders

Sometimes body builders are accused by the public to be arrogant. They force the public to develop a negative attitude towards this group of people. They beat people up in the clubs streets or any other informal social places. Their strength being the well developed muscles.

The truth of the matter is that, just like any other class of people such as footballers, hawkers, basket balers; body building is composed of people from different backgrounds. These people as is expected have their own traits. It may therefore be fallacious to judge the entire group based on the action of some clique of individuals. Here is a message to these few incorrect individuals who stain the name of the whole group of body builders.

First and foremost, it is true that you have the muscles. You may or may not be as strong as your muscles tend to suggest, but that is not a guarantee that you are above the law. Neither does it make you forget that there is a constitution that governs the land. Before a body builder does something which may be propelled by his ego, he should realize that everybody has a right and is protected by the law, however skinny he may be. Body building is also guided by some ethics which doesn’t by any way support bullying. More so, body builders are just a small group of people adding to the large number in the society. Every society has its moral values.

Body builders being part of the society should keep to the moral principles of the society. The society as is well known is a system. This system requires harmonious coordination in order to be said complete. Body builders should never be viewed by the society as a group creating instability in an otherwise stable system. Common sense should be given chance to guide the few incorrect individuals. This will make them realize that it is not by force that the society will appreciate them, but humility will.

The second issue that should be clear to the body builders is that in the present world, strength is no longer judged based on the size of the muscles. There are machines capable to break the strong muscles within no minute. A weak skinny man armed with a gun can lay down ten well built individuals within seconds. In this situation, the body builder shall have endangered his strong muscles.

To the public, it is unfair to generalize the behavior of body builders based on that of a small group of people. For instance, how will you deduce that all beautiful ladies are prostitutes just because you met some two beautiful prostitutes? That will be unfair to the beautiful ladies. The best step to take is to follow the rule of law. If one wrongs you, the best way is to hand him over to the authority.

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