The Nature Behind Having Sex Before Marriage

It is no longer a taboo. In the current society, we can freely talk about sex in public. Sex before marriage is no longer an issue. Women today are more liberated thus making them more open about their own sexual adventurous. This does not mean that they are perverts though. They are simply discussing their sexual preference.

Talking about it more freely allows us to understand it further. It is human to have sex. The urge is physically encouraged due to attraction, desire or lust. Sex can turn to addiction thus making it disadvantageous to an individual.

Sex is a form of self expression. Sensually artistic in nature. Undoubtedly we are all driven with passion and precision when doing it thus making it more enjoyable. It is used to express love, lust and desire. Intentionally we do it to make others feel special although some takes advantage of it for the sake of being sexually gratified.

Learning how to take care of ourselves would not only include physical hygiene. We should be mentally sound, emotionally satisfied and socially prepared to be considered well-rounded individuals. The aspect of sex should not be disregarded. It has many benefits especially if done with care.

It is no good to only discuss the disadvantages. It would only trigger their curiosity. Even adults have the tendency to do the opposite of what others say. Discussing both the advantage and disadvantage of something can help them weigh both effects making them more knowledgeable of the situation.

Many adventurous individuals desire to have sex with multiple partners. This makes them feel more desirable and popular. Literally their sexual drive is hyper mode making them forget their virtues. They can be so stubborn that they find themselves dealing with unwanted pregnancies, failed marriages or even sexually transmitted disease.

Evidently sex promotes better health. It allows proper blood circulation and releases hormones that balance our entire body. However sex should be done with precaution. The growing number of sexually transmitted diseases resulting from uncontrollable desire to have sex has increased throughout the years. Though some are curable, it is still a must to practice to safe sex to avoid capturing one. It would be best to be safe than sorry.

Avoid having multiple partners. Sex can be addictive. Once we get hooked, it is impossible to resist. However sex can also result to sexually transmitted diseases thus we should be careful. The use of condoms may not prevent it from happening to us. So we would rather commit ourselves to one than to feel sorry in the future.

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