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Amsterdam has a great bar culture that is like nowhere else in Europe. As well as nightclubs, restaurants with live bands playing, and the usual coffee shops on offer, Amsterdam is home to the unique cannabis coffee shops where it is not only legal to smoke marijuana, you can actually buy it to take away from the store to take away! As you might imagine, this kind of place is popular with tourists, curious to see or experience it for themselves!

Marijuana is a legalised substance in Holland, as long as you are only carrying enough for personal use, without an intent to sell or supply others. Strangely, smoking tobacco in public bars has recently been banned, so mixed joints of tobacco and cannabis are not allowed! If you want to partake in this side of Holland’s culture, you’ll have to smoke pure cannabis. A word of warning however: the laws are changing all the time, and added complication involving laws that cover the entire European Union make the circumstances relating to cannabis use in Amsterdam particularly volatile, so be sure to check the laws before you buy any!

The Red Light District in Amsterdam is also a famous attraction of the city. Whilst some might not consider a visit to this area as a particularly cultural experience, it is a chance to gain an insight into the relaxed and accepting attitude towards sexuality of all kinds in the Netherlands.

As well as the usual sex toy shops, strip clubs and X rated video shops, one thing you might not have seen elsewhere in Europe include live sex shows. If you’re over 18 and curious about seeing a show, or even participating in an interactive sex show, getting a ticket to an event like this is quite easy.

One might be surprised to learn that prostitution, like possession of marijuana is also legalised in Holland. And while prostitutes are visible in just about every European city, not all of them have prostitutes on display behind glass for those that like to, quite literally, window shop for a good time! This particular part of Amsterdam is thriving between the hours of 11pm until 2 or 3am.

But Amsterdam is not all just about sex, drugs and rock and roll. There are other ways for tourists, especially for families to enjoy some good, clean fun in Amsterdam.

Ever stayed on a houseboat? Amsterdam is a great city to enjoy this unique type of holiday accommodation. Thanks to Amsterdam’s vast network of canals, houseboats are a great way to enjoy a unique experience and some peace and quiet, yet be just a short walk away from many of the city’s main attractions.

If renting a houseboat in Amsterdam sounds appealing to you, hit the internet and do your research. Many websites offer a range of holiday accommodation in Amsterdam. Perhaps you’d like to rent an Amsterdam apartment instead? Maybe a room in a hostel in Amsterdam’s city centre? These types of accommodation and many others are easily accessible through the internet.

The more you research, the more chances you have of finding some great accommodation in Amsterdam that satisfies your needs and works in with your budget. Remember that the earlier you book, the more likely you are to have not just a good choice of options, but good options that are great value for money as well.

The average price for mid level accommodation in Amsterdam is about 100 euros a night for two people. For this price you can expect to rent something centrally located, with one or two bedrooms, possibly with heating and air-conditioning and an internet connection. Everything you need to enjoy a business trip or family holiday!

Apartments in Amsterdam usually come fully equipped with a kitchen and bathroom, and most usually supply bed sheets and towels, but check the conditions of your choice carefully to ensure these things are included.

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