The Real Pinay Scandal

There are expert bloggers that will tell you that in order to generate more traffic into your site you write a post with the title “Pinay scandal.” If your post becomes very popular that it makes it to the top ten in the search engines there will be a good number (or should I say “evil” number?) of people who are searching for porn in the internet that will most likely land in your site making it generate a higher traffic.

Using the “Pinay Scandal” keyword in a blog or website will bring a good number of visitors to your site because sex sells. Let me just point out however that the real “Pinay scandals” sites are those containing pornographic materials featuring Filipinas.

The real pinay scandal is not that sexually depraved people are searching for pornography in the internet. Let me tell you what the real pinay scandal is. It is the continued trafficking, prostitution and abuse of Filipino children and women.

In order to fully prove my point, the following data will help you understand what I am talking about.


There are 150,000 Filipina women that are trafficked into prostitution in Japan as reported in the July 2, 1998 issue of the Daily Star. Some of them were sold allegedly sold to the Yakuza for $ 2,400.00 to $ 18,000.00. A news item that appeared in the May 31, 1995 of the Manila Chronicle reports that 150 Filipinas were sold into prostitution for $ 5,000.00 each by international syndicates to night club operators in some African countries particularly Nigeria.

According to the Department of Social Welfare and Development in the Philippines out 3,776 reported cases of child abuse, 492 involves pornography, prostitution, paedophilia and trafficking. In a span of 5 years from 1991 to 1996 there were 8,335 cases of child abuse reported. 96 % of the victims in these cases were females.


The August 18, 1998 issue of the Kyodo News revealed that a study shows that in the Philippines there are about 75,000 children who were forced into prostitution due to poverty.

The February 25, 1998 issue of TODAY reports that there are 400,000 women in prostitution in 1998. This excludes unregistered, seasonal prostitutes, overseas entertainers and victims of external trafficking. One fourth of them are children. Each year 3,266 more children are forced into the sex industry.

According to an intensive study by Sol F. Juvida entitled “Philippines – Children: Scourge of Child Prostitution” the Philippines is fourth among 9 nations with the most children in prostitution. There are some 60,000 – 100,000 children engaged in prostitution in the country. In some localities the problem has worsened. In fact in Angeles City alone about 75% of the estimated 500 prostitutes in the “Area,” a place known for child prostitution, are children.There used to be only 7 provinces with child sex rings in 1984. Now child sex rings are present in 37 provinces.

According to the November 21, 1997 issue of the Indian Express, the Philippines is one of the favored destinations of pedophile sex tourists from Europe and the United States.

The October 12, 1997 issue of InterPress Service tells the shocking story of a 13 year old girl named Sharon who was kidnapped and sold as a virgin for US$ 30. In a brothel, she was raped by 8 to 15 men every night, even when she had her menstrual period or was sick with fever. By the time she escaped with a customer’s help she had sex with more than 1,500 men.

EPCAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes) coordinator Ron O’Grady made this interesting statement “Few children rescued from brothels have been able to begin living anything like a healthy life again.” What he lamented was the sad fact that there is “no evidence” that children in prostitution can ever recover from this experience. This will ultimately be borne by them as long as they live. Asked about a solution for the problem O’Grady says ”The ultimate solution to the problem lies in changing human attitudes and human values” The continuation of all of these shocking activities may be regarded as the pinay scandal. But the mother of all pinay scandals is the failure of society to rise up to the challenge to do something and to change our attitudes towards the problem.

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