Things You Need to Know About Thai Massage

Thai massage originally was developed in India which was later on brought to Thailand and became a part of their alternative medicine during those early times. This method of Thai medicine used before by monks as the pioneering practitioners was greatly influenced by Chinese medicine which uses a combination of acupressure and Ayurvedic techniques. The acupressure technique focuses on realigning the sen pathways on the human body, enabling the energy to flow freely all over the body which is believed to influence a healthy lifestyle.

This type of massage method has similarities with its other Asian counterparts such as the Japanese shiatsu massage. The goal of Thai massage is also focused primarily on the good circulation of good energy within the human body. It is firmly believed that a good energy flow keeps the immunity much stronger against any kind of sickness; it radiates a healthy appearance through the skin, and also prevents aches on all part of the human body. Imbalanced sen in an individual commonly results to an unhealthy physical and mental condition. This Yoga-type massage technique basically strengthens the mind and body coordination of the patient, which in return is believed to yield a faster recovery rate among the patients.

You will be surprised that during the massage session, the patients are not required to undress unlike with western style massage therapies like the Swedish massage. This would be a good massage therapy method for those who are uncomfortable with nudity during a massage therapy.

During your 60 minutes of massage therapy session, you will be on four different positions that are designed for the massage therapist’s convenience and better performance during the therapeutic massage session. There is no need for oil or lotion during the session as the massage strokes are more of rolling of limbs, gentle rocking, rhythmic compressions and yoga-like stretching. Patients should also expect that the pressure applied during the massage therapy is much harder than the gentle strokes of most western massage therapy methods. I would not recommend that you hold back yourself during hard presses or pulling by the massage therapist as you can damage your muscle tissues. Let your massage therapist do what they do best, they will not do something that is not beneficial for your health. In case the pressure is too much for you to handle, tell the massage therapist and kindly ask if he or she can reduce the amount of pressure on the various massage strokes.

Thai massage is somehow similar of having a yoga session but without the effort of doing all the stretching. The masseuse will do all of the stretching for you. Thai massage emphasizes all its work on the whole body, joint release, and deep breathing. This type of massage therapy is more physical than the other massage methods as the massage therapist will use all of his or her body weight in order to exert the required pressure on certain pressure points of the body. However, patients enjoy Thai exercise as it is effective in relieving body pain, relaxing and energizing the whole body.

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